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What the UMBC Twitter Guy Did Right

Everybody loves Cinderella, right? We also love cheering for the underdog.  And when the underdog gets to dance like Cinderella, the whole nation sits up and takes notice. I’m talking, of course, about the history-making victory by the University of … Read more

Don’t Go Naked on Social Media

I had an awkward encounter on Facebook this week with my friend Beth.  It went something like this:   Ouch.  Beth is one of my best friends and I’m so sorry  we had such a public disagreement.  In our passion … Read more

Anchor Yourself in Joy

Do you remember when you first felt that “something” stirring in your spirit?  That special message, the undeniable call … the “A-ha!  That’s what I was made for!” moment? If you are like me, you probably experienced a mix of … Read more


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