Episode 64: Is Stepping Away from Social Media the Right Decision for You?

There is a lot of talk going around right now about stepping away from social media, either for an extended break, or for good. Is that the right decision for you and your ministry or business? In Episode 64 of Just One Simple Thing, you’ll learn four things to consider as you make that decision, and a special word of encouragement for those who feel the Lord leading them to stay on social media.

Today’s episode is inspired by what’s been happening over in my Instagram stories. If you have been following me there @doanewthing, you may have seen me sharing about a podcast episode from my friend Esther Littlefield. In Episode 80 of the Christian Woman Business Podcast, Esther answered a question that’s been circulating among Christian business and ministry leaders for a while, but really amped up in recent weeks. “Can You Grow A Business Without Social Media? (And if so, should you?)”

As our world grows more divided and volatile, and the words used on social media become more harsh (even among Christians), more and more people are asking themselves (and God) if they should stay online or go.

There are four reasons that I hear (or feel) most often.

  1. The barrage of information and harsh opinions triggers anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.  If you need to step away in order to support your mental health, then by all means, do so. But first, you may want to try some of the apps or browser extensions that help you manage your news feed if that’s what is affecting you.
  2. Overwhelmed by the pressure to show up all the time to engage and constantly create new posts, reels, and videos. It can definitely eat up a ton of time and energy.   Keep in mind that YOU decide how often and what you post. Take in the expert advice, and then do what fits in YOUR life, for YOUR business, and for YOUR audience.
  3. A prompting from God for rest and obedience. Sometimes God calls us away from what we are doing so we can quiet all the noise and hear more clearly from Him.
  4. You’ve been influenced by the influencers.  When we see other people we love and respect making this decision for their business or ministry, we can feel guilty about staying. We feel less spiritually mature, or not as close to God. If you’ve settled this between you and the Lord … if you feel like social media is where God wants you to show up and serve people with your gift, to connect with people you can help, then you don’t have to feel bad about that at all.

The most important action we can take on this topic is to pray. Spend some time with the Lord and allow him to examine your relationship with social media. Do you need to make some adjustments? Incorporate some tools or processes that make it a healthy place to show up? Or is it time to take a break and build your business or ministry in a different way?

Thanks for processing through this important topic with me. I’m thankful to have friends to bounce things around with, especially ones like many of you and Esther, who always point me back to the Lord.

Episode 80 of the Christian Woman Business Podcast: Can You Grow a Business Without Social Media? (And if so, should you?)
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Kill News Feed Chrome extension.


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