Have you pivoted so much you are dizzy?

Stop spinning and start standing firm in your calling in the midst of zoom meetings, cancelled plans and distance-everything.

2020 still has a lot of time left in it, and we have no idea what it will bring. So instead of hiding out …. waiting it out …. let’s get out and keep working towards our goals and project.

God didn’t call us to pivot.  He tells us to stand firm.  But “firm” does not necessarily mean “rigid.” These are different times and they call for different methods.  We need to build resilience so we can bounce back when things fall apart.  We need to develop flexibility, so we can bend and not break with the next unexpected twist.

At a time where our plans have been disrupted and we struggle to stay motivated, we need to do a reset. Reset our expectations.  Reset our work plans.  Reset our life.

The Move Forward Mastermind is a place for Go-Getter Jesus Girls where a little bit of guidance and a whole lot of tough grace help you finish what you started. For the next two months, we’re doing something different.

In Reset Session of the Move Forward Mastermind, you’ll learn how to:

    • Complete a four-part reset review of your spiritual life, personal life, business/ministry/work life, and what you produce.
    • Decide which goals and projects still fit and where you need to make time for fresh, creative ideas.
    • Create flexible plans that allow for the unexpected while still making progress on your most important goals and projects
    • Implement systems and processes that fit into your busy lifestyle and streamline your efforts
    • Be part of a community that supports and encourages you through the highs and lows of these uncertain times.



Every week, you’ll identify your top plans for the week and then check back at the end of the week to let us know how you did.  And if you didn’t finish them all, that’s ok.  We’ll help you figure out what stood in your way and how to remove the roadblocks next week.  The power of community and accountability keeps you motivated from week to week.


I’ve used 30+ years in project management to develop 6 Move Forward Principles with tools, worksheets and resources to practice, creating habits to repeat your success again and again.

You’ll learn to FIND Your Focus, DEFINE Success, MAKE a Plan, REPEAT What Works, FIX What Doesn’t Work and IDENTIFY Your Resource Needs These action-oriented principles will help you get the results your big idea deserves. Paired with Biblical examples, you’ll know they are consistent with your faith and values.


This is where the magic happens! Within our private Facebook group, we’ll have monthly live group sessions where you can ask questions and share your struggles.  You can be on the “hot seat” for personal attention, or just listen in and learn from what others are doing.

You’ll also connect with a volunteer mentor who will support you as you learn the core mastermind principles.  You’ll be supporters, cheerleaders, partners and sounding boards for each other!

Special Reset Session

For a limited time, join the mastermind for this special session designed to help you stop pivoting and stand firm.

Reset Worksheets

Examine your spiritual life, personal life, business/ministry life and what you produce.

Create a flexible plan to address the pain points in each area.

Stand Firm Study

A two-part study of resilience and flexibility.  Learn how to incorporate these two key characteristics into your life, business and ministry that will equip you to weather whatever the rest of the year brings.

Exclusive Bonus

All new mastermind members in the Reset Session will receive a FREE copy of my new 4-month Move Forward Journal …. a line-a-day monthly journal to see the progress you make for the rest of the year. You can choose a hard copy or a fillabe PDF to use on your iPad or tablet.


Don’t miss out! Join the wait list for our winter session and receive priority registration.  As my thanks, I’ll send you the first week of mastermind content to help you find your focus for these coming weeks, along with weekly encouragement and resources.

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What My Move Forward Friends are Saying



Hi, I’m Christa … a Reformed Wilderness Wanderer

I know what it’s like to wander around between tasks, ideas and projects.  When I first started my business four years ago, I had a passion for helping creative people put some structure around their big, messy ideas.  And I tried to do that in lots of different ways, some successful, some …. not.

But then I started focusing on accountability with my one-on-one coaching clients and I saw their productivity and effectiveness improve.  By offering tough grace, I helped them navigate the ups and downs that inevitably come, not use them as an excuse to stay off track. They were doing the things they said they would do and seeing the results of their consistent, faithful work.

I wanted to bring those same results to Christian communicators and leaders … Biblically-based, practical strategies to grow their online ministries and businesses in a community focused on tough grace accountability. And so the Move Forward Mastermind was born.

Is this Mastermind right for you?

The Move Forward Mastermind is designed to benefit communicators and leaders at different stages in their journey.  Bloggers, authors, church leaders and business owners have used the mastermind to find clarity and confidence in reaching their goals. Some have used it to help them stay on track with other high-investment courses.

The one thing they all had in common is a strong vision of their goal and at least the beginning of a plan to get there.  We’ll spend some time the first two weeks clarifying our goals and refining our plans, but this is not a detailed goal setting or planning course. (If you need help with goal setting or planning, contact me and I’ll be glad to point you in the right direction.)

Is it right for you now?

If not now, when?  Your big ideas and powerful message can’t afford to wait another day.  This is the time to build toward the future.

Everyone is processing this “new normal” in different ways.If you feel lost not even knowing what day it is and are itching for structure and intention, then this is the place for you. Our #toughgrace values mean we’ll nudge you when you seem stuck, but also respect the fact that all of us may have difficult days during this season.

How different would things be with 12 weeks of clarity, focus and motivation? How would it feel to stop circling that mountain and move forward?

What other smart people asked before they joined

How much time does the mastermind take?

The last thing I want is for the mastermind to be one more thing on your to-do list, distracting you from the things you need to get done.  Each day of the Project Management Principles Core Content will take 1 - 2 hours, but you can work at your own pace and spread that out over more than one week.   While the Facebook group is always available for questions, interaction and encouragement, you are only required to check in there twice a week to share your tasks and progress and support your Move Forward Friends.

My fave Facebook group has motivation check-ins. Isn’t that the same thing?

Probably not. Most Facebook group check-ins I’ve seen offer plenty of encouragement and support when you report in, but what about when you don’t?  It’s easy to hide when your week doesn’t go so well. We won’t let you do that.  One of our mottos is “No MFF left behind!”  If we don’t hear from you for a week, we’ll come looking for you, see what’s going on, and what we can do to help you remove the roadblocks.  You signed up for accountability, and we are going to give it to you.  That’s our tough grace promise.

Is one-on-one accountability coaching available?

Absolutely! My one-on-one monthly accountability packages are normally $125 per month for one planning call and four weeks of follow-up personal emails.  If you commit to a three-month accountability package for $300, you’ll also receive access to the mastermind group at no additional charge.  Contact me for details!

What happens after I enroll?

You’ll receive a receipt for your payment with a welcome letter attached.  It will have all the details you need to know to access the Facebook group and get started!

Do you offer a payment plan?

At $97 total for the special reset session, I know this can be a hard investment to make. Similar programs charge more per month for their mastermind group. But I know many people are struggling financially right now, and I am committed to providing affordable resources for Christian communicators and leaders. I believe you deserve the same quality teaching, tools and experiences as those other programs. If we need to break it into two or three payments, just let me know and I’ll make those arrangements.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

If you determine within the first two weeks that this mastermind is not for you, I will give you a 100% refund.  I guarantee that if you do the work through our content and participate in the weekly accountability check-ins, you will make progress on your goals and projects. During the first week of the mastermind, I’ll tell you about a special reward for people who complete the entire session.

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