Hello, Dream.  Meet Reality.

for the Christian creative who is finally ready to take her dream to the finish line

even if you’ve tried everything and are crunched for time

Moving Forward Mastermind

The Mastermind is currently closed.

The membership community for Go-Getter Jesus Girls where a little bit of guidance and a whole lot of tough grace help you finish what you started.

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Dear Go Getter Jesus Girl,

I see you. 

You have a dream--a vision God has given you that is deep within your heart.  Maybe it's a business.  Or a ministry.  Or a book to share the message you are so passionate about

And you’ve been out there doing all the things to move it forward:

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Working out your Instagram strategy, but the growth isn’t coming


Taking the courses everybody recommends, but you aren’t making the progress you expected

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 Time blocking, batching, and endless checklists, but you’re still exhausted and your to-do list just keeps gettings longer

And you are this close to giving up on your dream.


I get it--2020 caught us off guard. We never would have expected all that went down. And 2021?  Well, it hasn’t been much better.

We’ve had our schedules disrupted

Our work and life routines have gone out the window

And any time you had to dedicate to your goals may have evaporated before your eyes.

But don’t give up yet…

There is hope, and there is a way to still uncover that dream in your heart and make it a reality.

Over the past 6 years working with Christian creatives, I’ve discovered that there are 3 main things you need to take your goals and projects to the finish line:


Have you told anyone about your dreams, ideas and plans yet? Just speaking it outloud to someone makes you 65% more likely to reach your goals.  


Are you on this journey with others who understand what it takes?  I mean a real, engaged community that celebrates the small wins, advises on decisions, and listens when you vent ... that reminds you that you aren't alone. 


Do you know how to make good decisions, prioritize and make doable plans? Most people struggle with getting clarity and staying on track with their plans.  

Imagine being able to:

  • Stop going to bed wondering if what you did was enough

  • Decide which goals and projects fit and where you need to make time for fresh, creative ideas.

  • Create flexible plans that allow for the unexpected while still making progress on your most important goals and projects

  • Implement systems and processes that fit into your busy lifestyle and streamline your efforts

  • Be part of a community that supports and encourages you through the highs and lows of these uncertain times.

Hi, I'm Christa ... a Reformed Wilderness Wanderer

I know what it’s like to wander around between tasks, ideas and projects.  When I first started my business six years ago, I had a passion for helping creative people put some structure around their big, messy ideas.  And I tried to do that in lots of different ways, some successful, some …. not.

But then I started focusing on accountability with my one-on-one coaching clients and  saw their productivity and effectiveness improve. They were doing the things they said they would do and seeing the results of their consistent, faithful work.

I wanted to bring those same results to Christian communicators and leaders … Biblically-based, practical strategies to grow their online ministries and businesses in a community focused on tough grace accountability. And so the Move Forward Mastermind was born.

You're invited to join me inside

Moving Forward Mastermind

The membership community for Go-Getter Jesus Girls where a little bit of guidance and a whole lot of tough grace help you finish what you started.

This is the place where Christian creative ministry and business leaders cut through the confusion and overwhelm to get unstuck.


Where we stop questioning our next steps and second-guessing our decisions.


Where our next move moves the needle.


Where we stop investing in things we don’t need and instead focus on what will truly bring results.

Where we move forward together


Moving You Forward with the ACT Plan


Every week, you’ll identify your top plans for the week and then check back at the end of the week to let us know how you did.  And if you didn’t finish them all, that’s ok.  We’ll help you figure out what stood in your way and how to remove the roadblocks next week.  The power of community and accountability keeps you motivated from week to week.

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This is where the magic happens! Within our private Facebook group, we’ll have weekly Ask Us Anything posts for feedback, questions, and social sharing. You’ll be supporters, cheerleaders, partners and sounding boards for each other!

There are also options for group coaching and co-working sessions to refine your plans and methods.


I’ve used 30+ years in project management to develop the 6 action-oriented principles of the Move Forward Method with tools, worksheets and resources to practice, creating habits to repeat your success again and again.

We'll also have monthly training themes and guest experts to build your decision making skills, create project action plans and put practical processes around your work. Paired with Biblical examples, you'll know they are consistent with your faith and values.

Move Forward Method_Move Forward Method

Two additional options for personal input

Monthly Co-Planning Sessions

A two-hour live co-working session to evaluate your progress and make your plans for the month. We'll pause in the middle for a time of prayer as we hold our plans loosely before the Lord.

Personal Plan Review

Complete your plan for the month then submit it to us for review.  We'll give you personal feedback and ideas, just like one-on-one coaching clients receive! 

A plan to fit your time and budget


Don't miss out! Join the wait list for our next session and receive priority registration.  As my thanks, I'll send you the first week of mastermind content to help you find your focus for these coming weeks, along with weekly encouragement and resources.

2021 Themes

2021 Training Themes

$1000 Value

When you join the mastermind, you'll get access to all the training themes we've done in 2021, including the monthly BIble study, training and worksheets, and the guest expert training.

That's a whole year of FREE training!

Mastermind Quick Start Guide

$50 Value

It can sometimes be hard to get in a group and figure out how everything works.

The Move Forward Mastermind Quick Start Guide includes a video walk-through of the group, some helpful tips to get started, and the Quick Start calendar to guide you through the first month.

Quick Start Guide

What My Move Forward Friends Are Saying



Is this Mastermind right for you?

The Move Forward Mastermind is designed to benefit communicators and leaders at different stages in their journey. Bloggers, authors, church leaders and business owners have used the mastermind to find clarity and confidence in reaching their goals.Some have used it to help them stay on track with other high-investment courses.

The one thing they all had in common is a strong vision of their goal and at least the beginning of a plan to get there.  We’ll spend some time the first two weeks clarifying our goals and refining our plans, but this is not a detailed goal setting or planning course. (If you need help with goal setting or planning, contact me and I’ll be glad to point you in the right direction.)

Is it right for you now?

If not now, when?  Your big ideas and powerful message can't afford to wait another day.  This is the time to build toward the future.

Everyone is processing this "new normal" in different ways. If you feel lost not even knowing what day it is and are itching for structure and intention, then this is the place for you. Our #toughgrace values mean we'll nudge you when you seem stuck, but also respect the fact that all of us may have difficult days during this season.

If you choose the additional accountability and personal input of the Intensive, you are giving us permission to push and challenge you. You've tried to make progress on your own, but always get stuck in a swirl of ideas, conflicting advice, and confusing steps.  We'll help you sort it out then make sure you stay on the path you've committed to.

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