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As a busy, multi-passionate woman, you always wonder if you are doing the things that really matter.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Your to-do list gets longer and longer as your frustration gets higher and higher
  • Plans get de-railed and you don’t know how to get them on track again
  • You get to the end of the week and don’t know where your time went

Good news! You can build a better week!

Better news… You may already have the tools you need! This unique planning system can be used with any to-do list or planner you are already using, or you can use the worksheets included in the ebook.


In the Build A Better Week E-book, you’ll receive:

  • A devotion to explore the Biblical mindsets on planning
  • Step by step instructions to create a better week than you had last week.
  • Three worksheets to manage your to-do list, your weekly plan and a weekly review
  • Tips for managing the unexpected that threatens to de-rail your week
  • Video instructions on using a Trello board to manage it all and a Trello template to create your own

Grab the Build A Better Week E-book and learn how to plan for the things that really matter.



This lesson was GOLD! I love the concept of breaking down to-do lists into categories – why hadn’t I thought to do this years ago???? It helps me evaluate which things need to go, and which commitments I can agree to take on.

– Julie at The Hallway Initiative

I felt so good about this last week. almost all my goals done! That is a huge win, and maybe the first time ever that I set realistic goals for work and was able to accomplish them.

– Shannan W.

The exercises were immensely helpful in helping me categorize my priorities and not smoosh them all together into a big ridiculous list. I really had to think about my time in a way I had not before.

– Jessica

I can’t believe I used to sit down to “work”…without a plan of action or a clear idea of my goals! No wonder I wasn’t moving forward!

– Susan at Growing A Content Heart


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