My Totally Honest Review of Crystal Paine’s Your Blogging University

There is no shortage of blogging advice available out there.  If your inbox looks like mine, you receive at least a dozen emails every week offering courses, programs, challenges and coaching to help you master the art of blogging. And make no mistake.  All of that help is needed.  Technology, graphics, social media, email lists, … Read more

Lesson Learned: Why Ultimate Bundles is My Favorite Affiliate Program for Christian Bloggers

Everybody loves a great deal, right? What is a “great deal” to you?  20% off?  50% off?  How about 97% off?  Yea, that’s definitely a good deal … let’s go with 97% off. And not just any deal.  What if that deal was on something that helped you learn and grow and solve problems in … Read more