Lesson Learned: God’s Girls Do Amazing Things

Meet 7 inspiring women who are changing lives one word, one heart at a time. If you’ve been around Do A New Thing for a while, you know that I reserve Thursday’s for sharing lessons I am learning as I build this ministry-minded business (or is it a business-minded ministry??).  Sometimes it is tech tips, or products I love or “growth opportunities” I am facing.

But one of the most encouraging lessons I have learned is there are some amazing women out in cyberspace doing God-work, impacting and changing lives one word, one heart at a time.

I guess I always knew that was happening, but being up close and personal with these inspiring ladies, supporting them as their ministry grows, has been an honor. And the best bonus is that they have become treasured friends.

So today, I’d like to introduce you to some of these ladies and share about the cool things they are doing. I hope you will connect with them and support their God-sized dream!

katiehKatie Humphress is the CEO and Director of Lanes of Roses, a non-profit organization that exists to encourage millennial women to see themselves as God sees them: valuable & loved. They offer Bible study resources, internships, an Ambassador program and an active community for young women, leading them to discover faith on their own terms.  Katie is a little powerhouse and her passion is contagious!

12916230_10153587379657643_8811476273412324616_oVashti Makupson is working on her degree and preparing to be a life coach.  Her heart for the hurting is pure gold.  Vashti has recently started blogging about her journey to coaching as she allows God to be her coach through this transitional time.

SIW Promo GraphicJill Hoven pulls double-duty as owner of MemoryMinders, a service whose mission is to enhance and sustain identity through memory wellness, and a writer at FollowHisFootprints.org.  She provides monthly Bible study material and is just about to start the Spring into Wellness challenge, combining her desire to pursue wellness in body, mind and soul.

10653350_10208594706089206_841393232529361963_nLaurie Miller’s God-Living with Chronic Illness provides resources and encouragement for those living with chronic illness or pain.  She has an active Facebook group of God-Living Girls that do Bible Study and life together.  She’s working on turning her recent 40-day Joy and Purpose devotional Bible Study into an ebook for use by others with chronic illness.  I admire the way Laurie tirelessly serves her community while managing her own illness. She is a hero!

bethannBethAnn Foro is the brains and the beauty behind She Believes, where this talented writer and photographer hopes to encourage and equip women to believe God and live as women blessed.  The #1 priority of She Believes is to provide Bible studies and resources that lead women into God’s Word in a fresh and current way. She also has really cool Instagram devotions. Her spark makes me smile!

Rachel-Britton-web-1950Rachel Britton is a British-born blogger, author and speaker—a sojourner in America whose desire it is to encourage women to know their worth so they can live dauntless and be bold on the journey.  Her popular #BeBoldGirl series highlights the stories of women who have made bold choices in their walk with God.  She strongly believes in the power of prayer to transform lives and change relationships. Rachel frequently hosts prayer challenges and is working on expanding her latest challenge, Tough Love, into an ebook that will help you find peace in your difficult relationships.

kelly-basham-head-shotKelly Basham blogs at Blossom in Faith and is working on a children’s book (that just might have a lesson or two for Mom also!)  Her blog includes a devotional series called Petals of Wisdom, where she is currently exploring the power of our words. She also just released a coloring journal for her email subscribers that is tons of fun!


I’m also working with my friends Nicole and Amy who are just getting rolling in their ministries, and I hope to share what they are doing soon!

So what do all of these God-girls have in common?  A deep passion for God’s Word and a heart for helping women know their worth as daughters of the King.  I am inspired by their commitment and faithful, thoughtful approach to building something that will last for the Lord.



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Who is inspiring you these days? Give a shout-out to a God-girl who is doing something really amazing!

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4 thoughts on “Lesson Learned: God’s Girls Do Amazing Things”

  1. You seem to have a lot of awesome resources here. I’m especially curious about the page for folks with chronic illness, my pastor’s wife has so many physical health issues. I bet she would be encouraged by some stuff on that site. 🙂 thanks so much for sharing all this!

    • Rachelle, I hope you get your pastor’s wife hooked up with Laurie and the God-Living Girls. It is a very active community with a lot of support and resources. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hey lady! I’m your neighbor over at #livefree. So glad to “meet” you! Loved the overview of amazing “sisters”! I’m looking forward to linking up with them as well. Have a blessed day! [PS. I’m a “doer” too!]


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