Lesson Learned: Why Ultimate Bundles is My Favorite Affiliate Program for Christian Bloggers

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Ultimate Bundles makes their customers, affiliates and authors feel like family. Everybody loves a great deal, right?

What is a “great deal” to you?  20% off?  50% off?  How about 97% off?  Yea, that’s definitely a good deal … let’s go with 97% off.

And not just any deal.  What if that deal was on something that helped you learn and grow and solve problems in your life?

AND ….. what if that deal included some things that are consistent with your faith and values??

What if you could share that deal with people you care about so they could get 97% off and learn and grow and solve problems in their lives, too?

And what if someone paid you to share that deal?

That would be amazing, right??

But then …. what if someone gave you FREE training to help you share the deal with others?

AND  …. they gave you an opportunity to help other people help other people learn and grow and solve problems??

Could you pass that up?

I couldn’t.  When my friend Maria told me about being an affiliate for Ultimate Bundles, I jumped at the chance.

You’ve probably received emails from people promoting Ultimate Bundles.  In fact, for some of the most popular bundles, you’ve probably received several emails.  That’s because UB affiliates LOVE to promote these amazing deals.

Over the last several months, I’ve learned that Ultimate Bundles is one of the best affiliate programs for Christian bloggers.  Here are my top five reasons:

1.  There is something for everybody.

Ryan, Stephanie, Mandi and the team at Ultimate Bundles are so in touch with what is going on in the online world.  They know what people want and the best resources available.  The bundles cover a wide variety of topics, so no matter what your niche is, there is probably a bundle that fits your audience.  There are limited-time bundles on Photography, Parenting. Blogging, Homemaking and many more.

Plus, evergreen bundles available year-round, like the Handmade With Love superbundle, and the Herbs & Essential Oils bundle.

2.  Super high quality

Whether the items in the bundle are from big names like Ruth Soukup, Crystal Paine and Jeff Goins, or from smaller bloggers you’ve never heard of, every resource in the bundle is specially selected and top quality.  You get signature content from well-known resources at a fraction of the cost along with the opportunity to find new sources of information on your favorite topic. I can offer these bundles to my readers and know they are getting something valuable and helpful.

3.  Generous commissions and discounts

Commission on sales through your link is 40%.  But you wouldn’t want to promote something you haven’t seen, now would you?  Me, either.  That’s why I love that UB gives a discount to affiliates to purchase the bundles early.  It gives me a chance to review what’s in the bundle, decide if I really want to promote it, and find some really great items that I might want to highlight in my promotions.

Even better …. if five bundles are purchased through your link, you get the bundle FREE!  What???  The Ultimate Bundles team really believes in sharing the love.

4.  All the tools

Pretty much any affiliate program is going to give you custom links, some graphics and banners, but Ultimate Bundles goes way above and beyond.  They create a whole branding board of colors and fonts and tons of gorgeous graphics in lots of shapes and sizes.

But they don’t stop at the visuals.  They also provide sample copy for email, blog posts and social media … all written by pros who really know what they are doing.

On top of all that, they provide something worth its weight in gold … training.  Yes, they are investing in me.  I can hardly believe that.  Webinars, tips, timelines, reminders when to do what.  I’m learning things I can apply to other areas of my business, even using what I learn to develop my own affiliate program.

5.  It feels like family

The Ultimate Bundles team works with thousands of bloggers every year, but sometimes, I feel like I am the only one.  Not only have I gotten personal emails answering a question, but I’ve gotten follow up emails to make sure everything worked out ok.  Their customer service is top-notch and their happiness guarantee gives me confidence that they will take care of my audience.

Ultimate Bundle affiliates also get access to a Facebook group of other affiliates and the authors of courses in the bundle (can I admit to being a little star-struck in that group?).  The group is super helpful and gives you a chance to ask questions about the products and learn from others.

And one last BONUS reason why Ultimate Bundles is the best affiliate program for Christian bloggers … they encourage us to help each other.  Their “second tier” affiliate program means if someone uses your referral link to sign up as an affiliate, you’ll earn a percentage of sales made through their link.

So what are you waiting for?

Great products, huge discounts, generous commissions, free training … go sign up now, and then encourage others to sign up, too!


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