Lesson Learned: The Right Hosting Matters

For reliability and great support for the newbie blogger, SiteGround can't be beat!

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Well, school is back in for most parts of the country, so after taking a little break for the summer, I thought it was time to re-start my Lesson Learned series.  This is where I share with you things I’ve learned along the way … products, tools, strategies and resources that have helped grow my online ministry-minded business.

Sometimes (like today) these Lesson Learned posts will contain affiliate links, which means I earn a little compensation if you make a purchase. But I promise … I am not promoting anything I am not using and loving myself.

When I started my website, I really had no idea what I was doing. Like, zero.  I just kinda picked my way through it.  I googled the domain name I wanted, found a cheap place to buy it, and lo and behold, that cheap place also had cheap hosting!  Score! (or so I thought)

Things were fine for a month or so, but then I had a problem.  Part of the back side of my website wasn’t working.  I contacted the hosting service and after several days, they admitted everything was set up correctly and the problem must be on their end but they couldn’t figure it out.


Not a very good beginning to my online career.  At the recommendation of the developer of my theme, I switched to Siteground.  I was so frustrated, I didn’t even care that I had only used 1 month of my pre-paid year.  (Remember, it was CHEAP, so I wasn’t losing much.)


Siteground has been amazing.  They were super helpful in making the switch. Their support team has been easy to understand and most importantly, they don’t make me feel stupid when I call with a question I am sure they have heard 58 times that day.  Almost a year in, and I’ve never had ONE DAY that my site was down because of the host.

If that sounds like the kind of hosting you need, then this is going to be YOUR best.decision.ever.   So go do it now!

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2 thoughts on “Lesson Learned: The Right Hosting Matters”

  1. Christa, it is SO refreshing to see a blogger recommend someone other than Bluehost! I get that Bluehost pays handsomely for referrals (and who wants to miss an income opportunity?), but my husband Jon has worked with BH on several different websites and has horrible issues. I’ve heard amazing things about Siteground! I’m currently with another hosting company and am happy with their services, but if/when my blog gets bigger and I need to expand, I am definitely going to consider Siteground. Thanks for the recommendation!

    • So many people have Bluehost issues! I am so glad my theme developer recommended SiteGround. I had to contact their support just today and they were awesome, as always.

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