Why You Need A Ministry Accountability Partner

This is the first post in the Iron-Clad Accountability series.  Join me each week as we explore the benefits of having an accountability partner, how to choose your accountability partner, how to make your accountability check-ins productive and what to do when accountability relationships get rough.  We’ve gotten really good a setting goals.  We know … Read more

How to Put Your Family Goals Into Action – Guest Post for Kelly Cox

What a blessing to be invited to guest post for Kelly Cox!  Kelly has an awesome blog about faith, family and finances and offers budget coaching to help you keep things in check.  I’m sharing about how to put your family goals into action.   This time of year, everybody is setting goals.  Goals for … Read more

31 Days of Eating Elephants – My Story

My Story

Big. Impossible.  Life changing. Do any of those words describe your “elephant” – the dream, project or goal you just can’t wrap your head around?  I know they describe the elephant I have been facing. A while back, God unsettled me. I was at the Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies OBS Dreams retreat in the beautiful … Read more

31 Days of Eating Elephants – Let’s Do This!

Is it really October already??  Oh goodness … the year is almost gone and do you feel like you haven’t really accomplished anything?  Or maybe you got a few things done, but that one big goal, dream or project is still sitting on the shelf, waiting for you to pay it some attention? While you … Read more