9 Ways to Fuel Your Goals

Goals not fed and fueled by dreams do not have any power. ~Dave RamseyI attended Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership 1-Day Live Stream event and some things I learned there have been rattling around in my heart since then.  This post is part of a series where I list ways to implement some of the things I learned.

Goals not fed and fueled by dreams do not have any power. ~ Dave Ramsey

Recently I asked on social media if people needed help with setting goals or achieving goals.  Almost 80% said they struggle more with achieving goals.  

I guess that is not so surprising.  There are many excellent resources available for setting goals.  One of my favorites is Grace Goals from my friend Arabah Joy.  PowerSheets from Cultivate What Matters is another good tool.  These tools even help you create a plan to reach those goals. 

So why do we struggle so with achieving goals?  Because somewhere among the list-making, box-checking and quarterly reviews, we lose sight of our dreams.  Without our dreams to nurture our goals, we lack motivation and are easily distracted.

That’s why these 10 ways to feed and fuel your goals may make all the difference in achieving them:

Take time out with pen and paper – There is just something about putting our thoughts on paper.  Write out how your dreams affect your goals, so when you begin to doubt your plan, you can be easily reminded of why your goals are so important.

Set an intention for the week – I use a Bible verse as my theme for the week.  It keeps me grounded in God’s Word and reminds me where the true source of my fuel lies. 

Set yourself up for success – Know your limitations and mind your boundaries.  Goals that are too aggressive create friction with other areas of your life and can sabotage your success.

Look for “micro-moments” – Achieving our goals rarely happens all at once  It happens in small moments and mico-successes.  Watch for each one and recognize the progress you are making towards the goal. 

Don’t forget to celebrate – Each of those moments along the way deserves its own celebration.  Invite your audience and ministry partners to celebrate your small achievements with you.  We often shy away from public celebrations that seem self-promotional, but the people who helped us get there have invested in our success and would love to feel part of the celebration,

Make a “pail” list – It’s smaller than a bucket list and may be more achievable.  If being featured as a guest poster on big blog in your niche is on your bucket list, put being featured on a mid-size blog on your pail list.  It’s good practice for how to act when that bucket list thing happens!

Keep a “done” list – This is something I’ve started to do recently and I love it.  I use the calendar in my phone to note important appointments and events.  That frees the daily space in my paper planner to record the most important things that happen during the day.  At the end of a week that feels like nothing got done, I can look back and see all the micro-moments that are moving me towards my goals.

Stop in a good place – Ernest Hemingway once said,

The best way is always to stop when you are going good and when you know what will happen next. If you do that every day, you will never be stuck.

Whether you are writing, working on a new product or planning a big event, stop working before you are completely out of ideas and things to do. Make note of what to pick up with next.  This practice keeps you excited about sitting down to work and avoids the blank-screen-syndrome where you aren’t sure what to do … so you check Facebook … then google that thing you were thinking of yesterday … then chase rabbits ….. until it’s time to pick up your daughter from dance practice and you’ve wasted your whole afternoon.

Surround yourself with people who believe in your and your dream – Negative words breed negative thoughts, which breed negative actions.  It may be your own negative words, or the negative words from others.  Either way, surround yourself with people who are going to speak life into your dream and not allow you wallow in negativity.

Goal-chasing is not a one time, new year activity.  It’s a living thing that will be with you all year long and needs to be fed, fueled and cared for.  What are your best ideas for feeding those goals?  Share them in the comments!

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