Episode 130: When Goals and Priorities Can’t Align

Have you ever thought about the difference between goals and priorities? Did you even recognize that there IS a difference? Join me in Episode 130 of Just One Simple Thing as we dive into this idea. We’ll talk about the difference, what happens when they are aligned, and what to do when they can’t be aligned. Shall we?

Hello, friends! Today, I want to loop you into a conversation that’s been happening in my membership, The Honor Circle, AND in some real life circles where I have been hanging out. It’s this idea of the difference between goals and priorities, and, specifically, what to do when your goals and priorities are not aligned.

Goals are the targets we set for our ministries or businesses.  They drive us forward, giving us purpose and direction. They are born out of the passion the Lord has given us for our message.

Life’s priorities are the realities we face.  They often dictate how much time and energy we can devote to our goals.

Aligning goals with life’s priorities becomes a frustrating tightrope walk. You’re torn between pursuing your dreams …. The dreams that God has given you ….and fulfilling your responsibilities, which have also been given to you by God. It’s a dilemma many of us face, isn’t it?

We can all agree that life is so much easier when our goals align with our priorities. We have clarity, balance, and consistent progress. But what do we do when our goals and life’s priorities don’t match up?

First, we can practice patience and give ourselves grace.  It’s okay to reassess our goals and adjust our expectations as life unfolds.

Secondly, we can embrace flexibility and creativity in our approach.

Pro tip …. Keep a 20-minute List handy … a list of quick but productive things you can knock out whenever you find a few unexpected minutes. You’ll find more ideas about this way back in Episode 11. It’s also something we work on in our monthly free Plan & Pray sessions.

And finally, let’s prioritize self-care and rest.  It may sound funny to say I’m working hard to rest, but I know you other go-getter Jesus girls totally get it.

You’ll never NOT feel a little guilty that you aren’t doing more for this dream that God gave you, because there will ALWAYS be more to do. But when God called you to this dream, He also knew your priorities.

Put a circle around the last Saturday of every month. That’s when we have our monthly Plan & Pray or Quarterly Strategic Planning sessions. Keep an eye on my email newsletter or social media to get connected.

Thank you for joining me today on Just One Simple Thing. If you have a friend who is also struggling with the balance between goals and priorities, please share this episode with her. You’ll be glad you did, and so will she.

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