Episode 112: Is It Okay to Have No Goals?

Is It Okay to Have No Goals?

Have you ever been at a place where you felt like you have no goals? You are just rocking along, keeping up with your work, and content with where you are? Listen in to Episode 112 of Just One Simple Thing where you’ll learn the benefits of having goals that are not related to big projects or results, and how they can keep your work fresh and fun.

A few months ago, I was doing some accountability check-ins, which happens to be one of my favorite things to do. Holly gave me a good report. Things were going really well in her business. She had a full client load. Her income was meeting her needs. She was able to take time off for vacations and had capacity to support friends and family members through some difficult times. Holly asked an interesting question. “Is it okay to not have any goals?”

Hmmm. I had to think about that for a minute.

I said, it’s okay to not have any major projects or big goals. You don’t have to always be creating something new or stretching to push farther than you’ve ever been before. It’s okay … healthy even … to rest between runs. But you do need to have something that you are working towards, even if it is little …. A small improvement in a work process, learning a new skill, or intentional steps to grow your network.

Working towards goals accomplishes a lot more than just the results you achieve. Let’s explore some of the benefits:

1. Stewardship: As a Christian, you are called to be a good steward of the resources and talents God has given you. This includes your business.

2. Faithfulness: Without goals, it’s easy to become complacent and miss out on opportunities for growth. Setting goals allows you to challenge yourself while honoring God through your work.

3. Kingdom Impact: We’re called to be like salt and light in the world, serving and making a real difference in people’s lives. When you set goals for your business, it’s a chance to line up your efforts with God’s purposes and find ways to bless others.

4. Personal Development: Setting goals can enable you to continually learn, develop new skills, and deepen your relationship with God.

Those are the kind of things that may be hard to quantify, or to attach a major project to. But when you are feeling like things are going great and you are searching for motivation beyond keeping things moving day to day, look at those four things and find ways to make progress in those areas.

Stewardship – How can you find new ways to use the resources you have?
Faithfulness –Have you gotten complacent and stopped doing the things that really light you up?
Kingdom Impact –How can you make a bigger impact in the things you are already doing?
Personal Development – What new skills or tools can you focus on to improve your operations?

Setting these small goals not necessarily related to big projects or life-changing results can help you stay motivated and keep your work fresh and exciting.


If you feel like you are in a good place in your ministry or business and don’t have any big projects or major goals to work on, head over to my free Facebook group Plan & Pray With Do A New Thing and grab a copy of the Micro Goals Worksheet

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