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Black Friday 2023

Ready, Set …. Black Friday! Bookmark this page to get all the details on Black Friday deals for online Christian ministries and businesses.  I’ll have specials on my products, and showcase other deals on tools and resources to support you. ... Read more

The Assembly Line Method to Task Batching

My favorite thing about the Honor Circle is watching my friends apply what they learn in ways that work for them, and then share it with the rest of us.  Our girl Susan from Growing A Content Heart came up ... Read more
January Reset: Social Media Guidelines

January Reset: Social Media Guidelines

There is nothing that seems to bring more angst, stress, and even fear to those in online ministry and business than social media. Which platforms are the best? How many days a week should I post? What should I post? ... Read more
January Reset: 3 Tips for Managing Email

January Reset: 3 Tips for Managing Email

Before we close our 2022 planners and open the crisp new ones, blank with possibilities for 2023, there are some things we can do to make way for all those possibilities. We need to unload some things and straighten up ... Read more
January Reset Financial Stewardship

January Reset: Financial Stewardship

This is it!  The last week of our January Reset… a month spent cleaning up our ministry and biz clutter to make room for the new opportunities God has for us in 2023. Are you ready to talk about financial ... Read more
January Reset: Organizing Digital Files

January Reset: Organizing Digital Files

Here we are in our second week of January Reset … time we have set aside to clear out some of our ministry and business clutter and make way for the amazing opportunities God has in store for us this ... Read more

2020 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Week

I have been waiting forever for this week!  I have some fun specials that I think you are going to love.  So let’s just jump right in! Build Your Own Bundle Normally, I do a round up of all the ... Read more

Go-Getter Jesus Girl’s Gift Guide

Hey!  I know exactly what to give my Jesus-loving, dream-following, people-serving friend! Said no one ever. When it comes to Christmas, birthdays and other gift-giving holidays, Chrisitian women leaders can be hard to shop for.  We tend to be practical, ... Read more

The Most Unexpected Productivity Tip for Writers and Creatives

When it comes to productivity tips for writers and creatives, most of them come down to removing distractions. Turn off your notifications, close your extra browser tabs, prioritize you to-do list to the three most important things to do today ... Read more

How to Find Affordable Help for Your Online Business or Ministry

Running a solo business or ministry is tough. So many things to do, and they all fall on you.  It is exhausting, lonely and means you spend less time doing the work of your heart. How would it feel to ... Read more

Lessons Learned from My Recent Product Launch

I’ve spent the last few months writing, developing, and presenting a course about developing partnerships and collaborations in an online business. I learned a few things along the way and wanted to share them with you. Lesson 1: Make sure ... Read more

How Bryan Harris’ Growth Tools Fueled My Product Launch

Launching a new product can be a bit of a rollercoaster experience.  Lots of ups and downs, and you never know what is around the next corner to spin you upside-down. There are many courses and tools and masterminds out ... Read more

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