Lessons Learned from My Recent Product Launch

I’ve spent the last few months writing, developing, and presenting a course about developing partnerships and collaborations in an online business. I learned a few things along the way and wanted to share them with you.

Lesson 1: Make sure your product name reflects what people will learn. The name of my course is Better Together: Grow Your Influence and Impact Through Collaboration.  And while that is very descriptive, you have to get to the end of a lot of words to find out what it is really about …. collaborations.  And when I just referred to it as “Better Together”, that’s catchy but doesn’t give you any idea what you might learn in it.  Maybe something like “Creative Collaborations” or even “Collaborations for Creatives” would have been more descriptive of what the course is about and who it is for.

Lesson 2:  Create a Focus Group before you create a product.  I had about a dozen of my core audience members who helped me as I developed the content, tested ads and graphics, created the worksheets.  Their feedback was invaluable!  In fact, it was from them I learned that what I THOUGHT was the biggest barrier to creating collaborations and partnerships was not the biggest barrier at all.  And it led to the most powerful content in the course.

Lesson 3: Develop affiliate partners and make it easy for them to share.  I had several affiliate partners sharing about my new course, and created a Partner kit for them.  It included everything they needed to know … summary of the course content, affiliate links, social graphics, swipe copy, important launch week dates … one of my partners said it was the best partner kit she had ever received!

Lesson 4:  Pop-up groups build trust and followers.   I held a free workshop to kick off the launch week.  As people signed up for the workshop, they were invited to a free Facebook group where we could interact prior to the workshop.  I learned more about their questions on the topic and was able to tailor the workshop to meet their needs.

Lesson 5: Free webinars are for “why” and “what”.  Save the “how” for the product.  I may have gone a little too far in the “how” of my Growing Together workshop, but I felt like the course was so long (14 modules) there was still a lot of valuable content left behind the curtain.  And even with the “how” that I shared in the free workshop, there were additional templates and worksheets to make that “how” even easier within the course.

Lesson 6:  Give people a road map through the product.   Since the idea of a 14-module course can be a little a little overwhelming, I encouraged people to complete the first few foundational modules, then pick and choose which of the remaining modules they really needed right now.  The rest of the modules could be used as a resource to come back to as needed.  I even provided a tool to help them decide which ones they needed now.  This made the course more do-able and people were able to dive right in!

I learned a ton from my product launch and hope these tips help you launch your own product with style!


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