How Bryan Harris’ Growth Tools Fueled My Product Launch

Launching a new product can be a bit of a rollercoaster experience.  Lots of ups and downs, and you never know what is around the next corner to spin you upside-down.

There are many courses and tools and masterminds out there to guide you through the process, ranging from free to thousands of dollars.

But when it comes to growing your email list and spreading the word about your new product before, during and after the launch, the tools from Bryan Harris and the team at Growth Tools are some of the best.  And to make them even best-er, they are free.  Yes, 100%, completely free. All features.  All free.

Bryan’s growth strategy is simple.  He and his team provide high-end marketing coaching to help online entrepreneurs reach more people and increase their revenue. And they are very good at it … on a mission to add $100million in revenue growth to their clients.

They want more people to be able to afford their coaching, so they provide free tools to help you grow and reach your goals.  In fact, one of my personal goals is to be able to afford coaching from Bryan’s team.

During my recent product launch (a course called Better Together: Growing Your Influence and Impact Through Collaborations), I used three of the free tools.  Although they each have their pros and cons, overall, they made a huge impact on the success of my launch.


How it works

This is probably my favorite and most fun tool.  GoViral generates a pop up that offers a free bonus resource in exchange for sharing about you.  For example, an email subscriber could be offered an extra downloadable checklist if they share a pre-written tweet. In my case, when people signed up for my free workshop, I offered them a free report if they shared the Facebook ad for the workshop. The pop-up looked like this:

When someone clicked the blue button, they were able to share my Facebook ad with a message of their own.  Once it was shared, access to the report immediately opened and they could download it.

What I Loved

I experimented with a few Facebook ads to promote the free workshop and I am more convinced than ever that successful Facebook ads require some kind of black magic.  But the ad attached to this campaign generated new leads at a fraction of the cost of the other ads.

Like all of the tools, the User Interface to set this up is sleek and simple, with just enough options to make the pop up consistent with your brand.

There is a long list of sharing tasks you can use …. a pre-written tweet, a Facebook post, ad or link, LinkedIn posts, watching videos, IG Likes, and more.  Something to fit just about any marketing strategy.

What I Didn’t

The results tracking seems a little off.

I know from Facebook that the ad was shared about 45 times.  I found that it was definitely possible to click the blue Share button but not actually share the task that came up, and then be able to get back to the unlocked free gift. The pop-up could only be viewed after a sign-up and I know I had about half as many sign-ups as shown here.   But based on the number of shares and the sign-ups that I know about, the conversion percentage looks about right … around 10 – 12 %.

One Click

This is a handy tool that lets you gather sign-ups directly from an email without going to a landing page.  This is great when you have affiliate partners who are sharing about your webinar to their email list.  You create a One Click link for your partner to use in their email and give them great swipe copy that tells all about your amazing workshop.  Then their readers only have to click the link and they are automatically signed up for the workshop.

What I Loved

One of my partners was already familiar with One Click, so we created a link for his emails.  More than half of the workshop sign-ups came from the One Click because it was so easy for them to sign up.  The less times they have to click, the more likely they are to sign up and you can’t get much less than one click!

One Click allows you to enter a Success Page URL, so I used the URL for my GoViral pop-up. They instantly got a confirmation of their sign-up and an opportunity to get more free resources all right on their screen.

What I Didn’t

It took me a hot minute to realize that One Click was not actually going to add the names to my workshop email list.  I had to download the list of signups from One Click and upload it to my list.  That means the people did not immediately get a confirmation/welcome email in their inbox, even though I refreshed the list several times during the sign-up period.

It probably would have been better to provide my partner with some basic confirmation/welcome copy so they could set up an automation in their email system and send something as soon as someone clicked to sign up.

Also, even though the copy was super clear that clicking the link meant they were signing up for the workshop, I don’t think that really “clicked” (no pun intended!) with a lot of people.  They are conditioned to click the link, go to a landing page and decide if they want to enter their email to sign up. So while this route had the most sign-ups, it also had the highest unsubscribe rates once I started sending emails about the workshop.


For those of us who suffer with poor copy writing skills (raising my hand high here!), DripScripts is like manna from heaven.  It  lets you customize proven email sequences that are specifically structured to turn leads into customers or clients.  There are dozens of example sequences to choose from.

For my launch, I didn’t use any one complete sequence, but I pulled wording from several emails to build what worked for me. But if you want to use a whole sequence, it is super easy to do.

What I Loved

There are sequences for several categories, including New Subscriber Welcome, Webinar Invite, Post-Webinar Sales and Product Launch.  Within each category, there are multiple sequences to choose from.  All are customizable and many have fillable text with writing tips to help you fill it in.

And at the top of each email, there is a description of the purpose of the email and the goal it is trying to accomplish.  That was so helpful in wrapping my mind around each step.

Once you have finished editing your sequence, you can copy the code for each email and paste it straight into whatever email service you use. So so easy.

What I didn’t

There isn’t much to not love here.  Maybe just that some of the sequence are a little more “salesy” than I am, or are quite long.  But they come from proven online marketers, so you know they work.


Attract is a cool tool that helps you create a well-designed lead magnet.  You just plug in your content and let Attract do all the design work!   It even includes a place for a call to action at the end.

What I Love

There are four different styles to choose from (Checklist, Resource Guide, Case Study, How-To Guide) and they can be adapted to fit whatever type of content you have. It’s also integrated with Unsplash, so you have tons of images to choose from, or you can up load your own.  I didn’t actually use Attract during my launch, but I have since converted one of the lead magnets related to the course and love the way it looks!

What I Didn’t

While the templates are very customizable for colors, fonts, images and content, they are not at all flexible for layout, and that felt like a roadblock at times. I had to fit my content around the design instead of the other way around.  But maybe that’s the point … reducing the number of decisions I had to make helped me create the lead magnet in half the time I would take to lay it out myself.  And it looked a lot nicer!

Want to see them in action?

Download my report on my top partnerships in 2020 and you’ll be able to experience Attract, GoViral and a DripScripts Welcome Series!

One other thing you should know before you try out any of the apps at Growth Tools.  Bryan markets heavily to his email list and when you sign up for any of the tools, you get on different segments of his list.  No lie …. I got over 60 emails from some aspect of Growth Tools in the month of August.  BUT … Bryan is the ONLY person who emails that heavily that I have not unsubscribed from.  Each email comes with examples and tips for using the tools, ideas from their coaching clients, and reports on what is working across different industries.  I honestly learn more from Bryan’s free emails than I have from most courses I’ve paid for.

Which Growth Tool are you most excited about trying?



2 thoughts on “How Bryan Harris’ Growth Tools Fueled My Product Launch”

  1. I think I would use GoViral. I noticed that, too, that the unlocked freebie was available even if I didn’t share the ad. But I’m glad to hear that the conversion rate was reliable.

    I’ll check into DripScripts but probably won’t use OneClick. Thanks for putting the pros and cons up so I can gain from your experience! What a valuable post.

  2. This is an excellent post for many reasons. I love that I have never heard of any of these tools and I appreciate the what you liked and what you didn’t. The honesty is much appreciated. Thank you!


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