Tired of trying to grow your influence and impact alone?

In today's crowded online world, everybody has something to say.  It's hard to stand out and find the people who need what you offer.

The best way to reach them is to partner with someone who is already talking to them.

And it doesn't take a huge list, swipe up, or expensive ads to create strong partnerships!


It's time to learn how we can be Better Together

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But there are so many questions:

Who would want to partner with me?
What would we do together?
How do we set it up?
How do I know if it helped?

All of those questions (and more!) are answered in this brand new course.

If you’re interested in a faith-based approach to attracting an audience and building your platform, this training will help you grow your following through the right relationships.

In Better Together, you'll learn:

  • the Biblical basis for partnership
  • how to find the right partner and make the right pitch
  • step-by-step plans for your game-changing collaboration
  • a dozen different types of collaborations and when to use them
  • the collaboration types  bringing the best results in 2020

Here is what's included

14 Video Modules

Master the basics that apply to most partnerships, then learn the details about the types that best fit your goals

25+ Page Workbook

Downloadable workbook for note-taking, including worksheets, brainstorming prompts and guides

Pro Tips

Ideas and Resources from leading Podcasters, Influencers and Marketing Experts


  • 14 Video Modules
  • Reference resources from expert online Christian leaders
  • Workbook and Worksheets



Better Together Trello Board

Organize all of your partnerships and collaborations on this custom Trello board.  Share it with your team to keep you all on track.


Whether you are an introvert, an extrovert, or an "extroverted introvert," finding the people to do ministry, business and life with is an important part of being a healthy leader.

God never planned for you to do this alone. He made us for community and collaboration. We know this, and yet, we often continue struggling by ourselves.

Especially for go-getters like us, our mile-wide independent streak tends to make us treat other people like baggage we have to drag along, rather than valuable partners God has injected into our stories.

Throughout the Old and New Testaments, kings, disciples and wilderness wanderers all needed partners to reach their God-given purpose. And so do you!


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How Partnerships Can Change Everything

If you are trying to grow your influence and impact online, I bet you’ve found yourself at some point sitting alone behind the screen, doing all the right things and trying to do them all by yourself.  And you wonder why you have hit a growth wall.

The secret to getting over that wall and experiencing true growth in your business or ministry is getting outside your own circle of influence … expanding the circle by partnering and collaborating with others who have different circles.

For the first six months of 2020, I focused on building strong partnerships and collaborations. Working with others to reach my target audience resulted in double-digit increases in all areas of my business ... email readers, social media followers, clients and income.

I’ve learned some things about using collaborations to grow my influence, and I’m happy to share those learnings with you.

Collaborations and partnerships work even when you are just starting out.  You don’t need thousands on your email list, swipe up, or tons of money to invest to create meaningful partnerships and see significant growth in your ministry or business.


  • 14 Video Modules
  • Reference resources from expert online Christian leaders
  • Workbook and Worksheets