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January Reset: Social Media Guidelines

January Reset: Social Media Guidelines

There is nothing that seems to bring more angst, stress, and even fear to those in online ministry and business than social media. Which platforms are the best? How many days a week should I post? What should I post? ... Read more
January Reset: 3 Tips for Managing Email

January Reset: 3 Tips for Managing Email

Before we close our 2022 planners and open the crisp new ones, blank with possibilities for 2023, there are some things we can do to make way for all those possibilities. We need to unload some things and straighten up ... Read more
January Reset Financial Stewardship

January Reset: Financial Stewardship

This is it!  The last week of our January Reset… a month spent cleaning up our ministry and biz clutter to make room for the new opportunities God has for us in 2023. Are you ready to talk about financial ... Read more
January Reset: Organizing Digital Files

January Reset: Organizing Digital Files

Here we are in our second week of January Reset … time we have set aside to clear out some of our ministry and business clutter and make way for the amazing opportunities God has in store for us this ... Read more

What I Learned from Launching A Podcast

When my business coach first told me I needed to start a podcast, I thought I’d rather poke my eyes out with a hot needle. I was very familiar with the podcasting world.  At that point, I had been a ... Read more

My Favorites from the Amazon 3-for-2 Book Sale!

Note:  The 3-for-2 deal in this post has expired, but most of these books are still on sale.  Check them out, along with other deals in the Amazon Prime Day sales. You’ve been waiting for it an it’s finally here!  ... Read more

When Plans Don’t Go As Planned

This is half of a two-part series with my friend Emily Beard from Joyfully Simple Living. In this post, Emily shares some practical advice on what to do when your plans go awry. When you finish reading, you can head ... Read more

Sharing Your Message When People Doubt You

Think about the most amazing, exciting thing that has ever happened to you.   Got it in your head?  Now … think about your conversations around the time it happened. I bet you worked that exciting thing into every conversation you ... Read more

How to Run Your Small Group Ministry Online

One of the marks of a healthy, growing church is a strong small group Bible study ministry. These small groups build relationships that support the other work of the church and develop mature believers who can confidently handle the Word ... Read more

How to Be A Podcast Guest

Podcasting is the hottest thing on the block.  While it has been around for more than a dozen years, it seems to have exploded in the last couple of years as services like Anchor have made it easier than ever ... Read more

Best New Books for Christian Women Leaders in 2020

Leaders are readers … right? Although my “To Be Read” stack is a mile high, there are so many great books for Christian women leaders coming out in 2020,  I’ve already started pre-ordering them.  These are the ones I’m most ... Read more

Let’s Go To Spark!

I’m so glad that you are coming to the Spark Christian Podcast Conference!  It is going to be an amazing time of learning and growing. Whether this is your first conference, or  you are a conference pro, you probably have ... Read more

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