Best New Books for Christian Women Leaders in 2021

One good thing about being locked in my house for months is that I made a good dent in my “To Be Read” book pile in 2020.  It was a great book year, and 2021 is shaping up to be a great one also.  These are the books I’m looking forward to:


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Fighting Forward: Your Nitty-Gritty Guide to Beating the Lies that Hold You Back – Hannah Brencher – Available NOW

This book comes highly recommended by my friend Jeanette Tapley.  Based on the “fight songs” Hannah wrote during a battle with depression, this book is the empowering anthem you need to take the next small step to a better life.


  Win the Day: 7 Daily Habits to Help You Stress Less & Accomplish More – Mark Batterson – Available NOW

A practical guide to help you tackle God-sized goals by turning yesterday’s regrets and tomorrow’s anxieties into fuel for a better today. I don’t know about you, but my God-sized goals need all the help they can get!

Irrational Kindness:  The Crazy Pursuit of an Extraordinary Life – Kevin Williams – Available NOW

As we’ve already seen, 2021 could use a whole lot more kindness.  With a forward by Bob Goff, this book promises to be the perfect companion to living a lifestyle of love and kindness.


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What They Taught Me: Recognizing the Mentors that Will Take You From Dream to Done – Kelsey Chapman – Available February 9, 2021

As she recognizes ten women who changed the course of her life, Kelsey passes on the expert guidance that enriched her perspective, helped her live out her passions, and kept her hopeful and optimistic about the process. I enjoy her podcast and look forward hearing about the women who inspired her.


The Grace-Giving Leader: How to Develop People, Lead Teams and Mentor Well – Jan Greenwood – Available February 2, 2021

Jan has learned these leadership lessons in the trenches of business, her own ministry, and as a church leader. Her passion for developing the next generation of leaders shines in everything she does.


Winning the War in Your Mind: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life – Craig Groeschel – Available February 16, 2021

Last year, he revolutionized our prayer life.  This year, he is after our thoughts.  Pastor Craig is one of the most clear-thinking and transparent leaders I’ve come across.


The Power to Bless:  How to Speak Life and Empower the People You Love – Alan Wright – Available February 2, 2021

As leaders, our words matter … often more than we think. Using them to bless and empower the people we serve is an important leadership skill.


Freely and Lightly: God’s Gracious Invitation to a Life of Quiet Confidence – Emily Lex – Available March 2, 2021

So many Christian women struggle with having the confidence to carry out what God has called them to do. Emily invites us to watch how Jesus does it and incorporate his unforced rhythms of grace into our own lives.

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What 2021 books are on your bookshelf?  And what are you reading right now?

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