New Year, New Thing: The Secret to Keeping Financial Resolutions

Kelly Cox is kicking off our New Year, New Thing series!  Kelly is a blogger who has been featured at Money Saving Mom.  Welcome, Kelly! Anyone else ever had a New Year’s Resolution “financial flop?” About mid-February I’ve often wondered what happened to those excited, grandiose plans of mine that included saving money, giving more, avoiding … Read more

3 Time Management Tips I Learned from Jesus

I’ve tried them all.  The best advice and tools I could find to manage my time.  Batching.  Bullet Journaling.  Pomodoro Method.  And all the planners …. even one I designed myself from scratch. Each of those things have their own strengths, but still.  At the end of the week, I was looking back, wondering why … Read more

5 Steps to Productive Accountability Check-ins

This is the third post in the Iron-Clad Accountability series, where we are exploring why we need a ministry accountability partner, how to find one, how to make our accountability check-ins productive and what to do when accountability gets rough.  Find the other posts in the series here. As we’ve already learned, accountability relationships can … Read more