Go-Getter Jesus Girl’s Gift Guide

Find the perfect gift for the Christian Woman Leader or Communicator in our life!Hey!  I know exactly what to give my Jesus-loving, dream-following, people-serving friend!

Said no one ever.

When it comes to Christmas, birthdays and other gift-giving holidays, Chrisitian women leaders can be hard to shop for.  We tend to be practical, but also love beautiful things.  We want to learn and grow, but appreciate being pampered and encouraged.

Finding just the right thing is hard, so I brainstormed with some friends the things they are hoping to find under the tree.  Maybe they will inspire you to find just the right thing for the Go-Getter Jesus Girl in your life!

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The Move Forward Journal

Using the journal for the past few months has been such a game changer for me.  Every time I get frustrated or discouraged, I love to look over the past entries and see my growth and God’s faithfulness. The best 3 minutes I spend every day!

On Air Sign

Working from home has brought its special share of challenges.  A long day of zoom meetings is a killer, especially if there are other people in the house during the workday.  An On-Air sign is a great way to help prevent those embarrassing “zoom bombings”.  If your favorite Christian woman leader is prone to them, help a sister out and get her a sign!

Selfie Ring Light

This was the most-purchased item from last year’s gift guide! I use this clip-on phone holder several times a week to create videos for IG Stories and my mastermind group.  It’s easy to get a variety of backgrounds because it clips on anywhere.  This smart-phone adapter is also handy when I want to use a standard tripod with my phone.

Pop-up Encouragement Cards

Everyone needs a little encouragement sometimes. These cute little cards are perfect to keep on the desk and encourage us to keep pressing on.

Desktop Organizer

Back when we worked in offices, we had everything we needed at our fingertips on our desk. Now that we may be sharing space in a home office (or dining room table!), a desktop organizer is essential.  I like this one because it has space for file folders, but also smaller compartments. And the footprint is small so it doesn’t take up much space on the desk.

Jewelry on a Mission

WHen you support the Sanctuary Project, you are helping them provide meaningful employment and skills to survivors of trafficking and addiction. I love the work they are doing and their high-quality, stylish products. Use the code CHRISTAH15 to take 15% off your purchase!


Spaces Planner

If I used a paper planner (which I don’t) this is the one I would use.  The Spaces Planner is definitely the planner for the list-making girl. Lots of space to keep up with and compartmentalize all of your to-dos and your appointments. Available in three gorgeous styles

Books (duh)

Leaders are learners, and one easy way to learn is reading books.  It has been fun this year to curate a list of the best new books for the Christian woman leader, and to discuss some of them with you in the Read A New Thing Book Club. If your Go-Getter Jesus Girl friend loves fiction, my faves right now are from Dawn Klinge and Heidi Chiavaroli. 


Cute Shirts

Everybody loves cute shirts, right?  Thirtyone25.com has some super fun graphic tees for women (and men and babies toos!)

From the Do A New Thing Community

The Do A New Thing Community has created some amazing things this year that might be the perfect gift for your favorite Christian women leaders and communicators. Check these out:

Cindy Ownbee’s book READ: A Bible Study Plan for Unpacking God’s Word offers a simple framework for studying God’s Word on your own.

Tammy Herzig’s course The Spiritual Practice of Journaling will help you develop your journaling habit.

Tiffany Baker has the cutest things in her shop!  My favorites are the Adulting stickers and the Waymaker vinyl cling.  Plus her new devotional, Soul Care for the Go-Getter.  The book and stickers would make a nice little gift bundle.

Janet Hines has gorgeous cards made from her own photography. I love sending these as special thank you notes.

Megan Northup creates custom hand-lettered artwork.  Join her Facebook group to learn more.

Jamie and Chris Bailey just released The Newlywed Couples Devotional.  They are a combination of fun, sass and Godly wisdom that inspires you to work on your marriage.

Sara Tucker’s Bible Makeover Kit is an easy downloadable resource to spice up your Bible Study.

Mary Geisen, Diane Thorton, Leah Adams and Kristy Wood have all released Bible Studies recently.  Any of them would be a fantastic gift for the woman intent on deepening her relationship with God.

Gosh, I could go on forever! I hope these give you some great ideas.  I’d love for you to share your best gift ideas for Christian women leaders and communicators in the comments!

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