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If you’ve ever felt paralyzed by too many ideas or one big decision, been frustrated because your brilliant idea didn’t quite work out, or gotten derailed when your color-coded plans were interrupted, this is the place for you.

Practical solutions, based on Biblical principles, plus just one simple action step in each episode.

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Simplify with Systems to Release Your Best Work

Episode 51: Simplify with Systems to Release Your Best Work

Does the word SYSTEMS make you break out in a sweat? It sounds so formal and complicated, doesn’t it? If you’ve ever checked steps off a list or scheduled a blog post or email to go out at a certain ... Read more
Stop Second-Guessing Your Decisions

Episode 50: Stop Second-Guessing Your Decisions

How many times have you made a decision?  And then made it again? And then made it again?  Second-guessing our decisions is one of the biggest time wasters.  In episode 50 of Just One Simple Thing, you’ll learn three ways ... Read more
When Your Plans Don't Go as Planned

Episode 49: When Your Plans Don’t Go As Planned

Sometimes, our plans don’t go as planned. Even for those of us who try to make the most intentional plans and think of all the scenarios. It can be frustrating and demotivating. In Episode 49 of Just One Simple Thing, ... Read more
Stop Following the Shiny Objects

Episode 48: Stop Following the Shiny Objects

Nothing gets a passionate creative off track faster than following the shiny objects …. dropping your current project to chase off after something new. But this type of distraction is one of the biggest barriers to making progress on our ... Read more
Fear is a Risk to be Managed

Episode 47: Fear is Just a Risk to Be Managed

“Adapting to change” gets a lot of attention.  Even though we have some tools to intentionally deal with changes, that is a reactive approach. In Episode 47 of Just One Simple Thing, we’ll learn a more proactive approach, where we ... Read more
Your Discovery Call Toolkit

Episode 46: Your Discovery Call Toolkit

Want to consistently work with new clients?  Learn more about what your audience wants and needs? Make connections that lead to collaborations and partnerships?  Accomplish all of that through free discovery calls. This is a key Business Builder, especially if ... Read more

Episode 63: How to Network at a Conference Part 1 – Getting Prepared

Conference season is almost here and amidst all the preparation and arrangements, we sometimes forget about one of the most important parts of attending a conference …. networking. It can also be the scariest part, especially if you are an ... Read more

Episode 62: Grow Your Visibility Over the Summer (Without Giving Up Family and Fun)

It’s summer and everyone is ready to go out to play. But you’ve worked hard to build your audience and don’t want to put it all on hold. If you want to roll into the fall with some momentum without ... Read more
Three Ways to Rocket Your Reach Towards Your Goals

Episode 61: Three Ways to Rocket Your Reach Towards Your Goals

Hey I see you out there … sharing your message with passion and conviction … working hard …. Celebrating the small victories. But I also see your frustration … though you value every life that you touch, you know you ... Read more
Overcome the Idea Tornado & Get Clarity on Your Next Step

Episode 60: Overcome the Idea Tornado & Get Clarity on Your Next Step

Do you suffer from the Idea Tornado? Pretty much every creative I know does. In Episode 60 of Just One Simple Thing, you’ll learn how to eliminate some of the clutter from the tornado and identify the biggest issue that ... Read more
Make a Working Staycation Your Most Productive Day Ever

Episode 59: Make a Working Staycation Your Most Productive Day Ever

Looking for something to break up your work routine? It might help to get out of the house for a day and take a working staycation. I did this recently and it was my most productive day ever. In Episode ... Read more

Episode 58: What I Learned from Sharing My Frustration

Have you ever felt like you are the only one who doesn’t “get it”? The only one who is struggling or who will never do it all “right”? In Episode 58 of Just One Simple Thing, you learn three things ... Read more


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