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If you’ve ever felt paralyzed by too many ideas or one big decision, been frustrated because your brilliant idea didn’t quite work out, or gotten derailed when your color-coded plans were interrupted, this is the place for you.

Practical solutions, based on Biblical principles, plus just one simple action step in each episode.

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Time-Saving Tips for Managing Gmail

Episode 102: Time-Saving Tips for Managing Gmail

How many emails do you get every day? I don’t even want to count. It seems like I spend half my day in my email inbox. Thankfully, Gmail has some features that can actually save us time. Listen in to ... Read more
Four Ethical Ways Christian Content Creators Can Use ChatGPT

Episode 101: Four Ethical Ways Christian Content Creators Can Use ChatGPT

What’s the hottest topic right now out in the online business space? If you said “ChatGPT” or another AI program, you are correct! It’s what everyone is talking about. We are kicking off our Time Saving Tools series with 4 ... Read more
Celebrating 100 with Q & A

Episode 100: Celebrating 100 with Q&A

It’s the 100th episode of Just One Simple Thing, and we are celebrating 100 by answering your questions. Stay tuned for my thoughts on co-laboring with God, figuring out what to work on first, and how much of your time ... Read more
How to Build Habits

Episode 99: How to Build Habits

Are you tired of struggling to establish good habits? In this last episode in the habits series, you’ll learn practical steps and biblical principles to help you change your mindset, pick the most essential habit to change, and make a ... Read more
How to Break Bad Habits

Episode 98: How to Break Bad Habits

Tapping into the power of habits is not just about discipline and will-power hacks. By pairing up these hacks with sound Biblical principles, you can make real progress on the actions that will fuel your goals. Listen in to Episode ... Read more
Habits for Nurturing Your God-Shaped Dream w/ Merritt Onsa

Episode 97: Habits for Nurturing Your God-Shaped Dream w/ Merritt Onsa

What could you begin doing today that would impact your God-shaped dream for the long haul? Join me and my friend Merritt Onsa in Episode 97 of Just One Simple Thing as we kick off a month of equipping you ... Read more

Episode 114: How to plan for summer break

Are you taking a summer break from your ministry or business? While you might want to just drop everything and head for the sun, a little bit of planning can make for a better break and a better return from ... Read more

Episode 113: Managing Goals, Changing Routines, and Fun During the Summer Season

Summer is right around the corner, and maybe your mind has already started wandering in that direction. How will you keep up with your ministry or business with the kids out of school, changing routines, and a body of water ... Read more

Episode 112: Is It Okay to Not Have Goals?

Have you ever been at a place where you didn’t feel like you had any goals? You are just rocking along, keeping up with your work, and content with where you are? Listen in to Episode 112 of Just One ... Read more

Episode 111: How to Delight Your Clients and Create Raving Fans

In uncertain economic times, you might feel like you are taking hits from things you can’t control. But there is one thing that can keep you growing when the world’s on fire, and it is totally under your control. That’s ... Read more

Episode 110: Are You Fueled By FOMO or by Faith?

Have you ever taken a step you thought was the right one … then it wasn’t? Or maybe you’ve made decisions based more on FOMO than faith. Those are just two of the things my friend Avery Forrest and I ... Read more

Episode 109: Capacity is About More Than Your Time

What do you do when your to-do list is longer than the space in your calendar? You might think you just need to figure out how to create more time in your day. But did you know that time is ... Read more


Do A New Thing equips busy communicators and leaders with project management and problem solving skills so they can turn their big ideas into a successful ministry or business.

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