Episode 127: The Unexpected Benefits of Community

Hey there. my friends. Let’s dive deeper into this idea of community and see what happens when you connect with others on a deeper level, and how I have seen this play out in different parts of the Do A New Thing community.

1. Connections between networks.

Now y’all probably know by now that making connections between people is one of my favorite things. I love to connect one person’s need with another person’s solution. But I am only one person. In a thriving community, you get access to EVERYONE’S network.

2. Over-the-top promotion for your projects.

Most communities give you a chance to share about your latest work and people may check it out or make a comment or share it on their own social media to help you out. But in the very best communities, the support is over-the-top.

3. Community offers comfort and confidence.

Discouragement and loneliness come so easily in the online space. It’s so hard to NOT look around and imagine lions surrounding you to take what you have you have given your heart and soul to gather.

In community, encouragement is more than just peppy words. It is heartfelt belief in you and your message that reaches to your very soul. Friendship is more than checking in on a Voxer group. It’s praying for your deepest needs and asking God to unlock his big picture plan in you. We see this every month in our Plan & Pray sessions.


Look in the communities that you are a part of. Is there someone there that you can bless with one of these unexpected benefits?

And if you aren’t part of this type of community yourself, reach out to me. Let’s talk about some of the ways you can connect with the Do A New Thing community. You can find the link to schedule a free call with me in the show notes.


Finding Home by Susan Macias

Empty Nest Awakening by Ruthie Gray

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