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If you’ve ever felt paralyzed by too many ideas or one big decision, been frustrated because your brilliant idea didn’t quite work out, or gotten derailed when your color-coded plans were interrupted, this is the place for you.

Practical solutions, based on Biblical principles, plus just one simple action step in each episode.

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Simplify with Systems to Release Your Best Work

Episode 51: Simplify with Systems to Release Your Best Work

Does the word SYSTEMS make you break out in a sweat? It sounds so formal and complicated, doesn’t it? If you’ve ever checked steps off a list or scheduled a blog post or email to go out at a certain ... Read more
Stop Second-Guessing Your Decisions

Episode 50: Stop Second-Guessing Your Decisions

How many times have you made a decision?  And then made it again? And then made it again?  Second-guessing your decisions is one of the biggest time wasters.  In episode 50 of Just One Simple Thing, you’ll learn three ways ... Read more
When Your Plans Don't Go as Planned

Episode 49: When Your Plans Don’t Go As Planned

Sometimes, our plans don’t go as planned. Even for those of us who try to make the most intentional plans and think of all the scenarios. It can be frustrating and demotivating. In Episode 49 of Just One Simple Thing, ... Read more
Stop Following the Shiny Objects

Episode 48: Stop Following the Shiny Objects

Nothing gets a passionate creative off track faster than following the shiny objects …. dropping your current project to chase off after something new. But this type of distraction is one of the biggest barriers to making progress on our ... Read more
Fear is a Risk to be Managed

Episode 47: Fear is Just a Risk to Be Managed

“Adapting to change” gets a lot of attention.  Even though we have some tools to intentionally deal with changes, that is a reactive approach. In Episode 47 of Just One Simple Thing, we’ll learn a more proactive approach, where we ... Read more
Your Discovery Call Toolkit

Episode 46: Your Discovery Call Toolkit

Want to consistently work with new clients?  Learn more about what your audience wants and needs? Make connections that lead to collaborations and partnerships?  Accomplish all of that through free discovery calls. This is a key Business Builder, especially if ... Read more

Episode 69: How Long Does It Take to Launch?

How long does it take to prepare for the launch of a new product or service? It really depends on what you are launching. In Episode 69 of Just One Simple Thing, I’ll give you some rough guidelines so you ... Read more

Episode 68: Is Your Plan A Good One?

One of my favorite things to do every month is review the plans submitted by the Move Forward Mastermind members. Whether it’s the plan for the upcoming month, or the plan for a major product launch, the characteristics of a ... Read more

Episode 67: How to Do Your Quarterly Review

As we are coming up on the mid-point of the year, you may be asking yourself where six whole months have gone! I know I am! This is the perfect time to review your progress towards those goals you set ... Read more

Episode 66: Making Graceful Transitions in Seasons of Change

Are you facing a season of transition? It might a big one, like becoming an empty nester. Or a smaller one, like having kids out of school for the summer. If transitions and changes tend to bring anxiety and discomfort, ... Read more

Episode 65: How to Network at a Conference Part 2 – During and After

Are you planning to go to a conference or in-person event soon? If you are an introvert like me (and I know that most of you are!), networking at in-person events can be nerve-wracking. Back in Episode 63, we covered ... Read more

Episode 64: Is Stepping Away from Social Media the Right Decision for You?

There is a lot of talk going around right now about stepping away from social media, either for an extended break, or for good. Is that the right decision for you and your ministry or business? In Episode 64 of ... Read more


Do A New Thing equips busy communicators and leaders with project management and problem solving skills so they can turn their big ideas into a successful ministry or business.

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