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If you’ve ever felt paralyzed by too many ideas or one big decision, been frustrated because your brilliant idea didn’t quite work out, or gotten derailed when your color-coded plans were interrupted, this is the place for you.

Practical solutions, based on Biblical principles, plus just one simple action step in each episode.

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Episode 98: How to Break Bad Habits

Tapping into the power of habits is not just about discipline and will-power hacks. By pairing up these hacks with sound Biblical principles, you can make real progress on the actions that will fuel your goals. Listen in to Episode ... Read more

Episode 97: Habits for Nurturing Your God-Shaped Dream w/ Merritt Onsa

What could you begin doing today that would impact your God-inspired dream for the long haul? Join me and my friend Merritt Onsa in Episode 97 of Just One Simple Thing as we kick off a month of equipping you ... Read more
January Reset - Financial Stewardship

Episode 96: January Reset – Financial Stewardship

This is it! The last episode of the January Reset series… a month spent cleaning up our ministry and biz clutter to make room for the new opportunities God has for us in 2023. Are you ready to talk about ... Read more
January Reset - social Media Guidelines

Episode 95: January Reset – Social Media Guidelines

In the January Reset series, we’re spending a few weeks looking at ways to declutter our business and ministry to make physical, mental and spiritual space for the new opportunities God wants to bring us in the new year. In ... Read more
January Reset - Organizing Digital Files

Episode 94: January Reset – Organizing Digital Files

It’s the second part of our January Reset … time we have set aside to clear out some of our ministry and business clutter and make way for the amazing opportunities God has in store for us this year. In ... Read more
January Reset - 3 Tips for Managing Email

Episode 93:January Reset – 3 Tips for Managing Email

Before we close our 2022 planners and open the crisp new ones, blank with possibilities for 2023, there are some things we can do to make way for all those possibilities. We need to unload some things and straighten up ... Read more
How to get things done while working full time

Episode 86: How to Get Things Done While Working Full Time

Over the past few weeks, I’ve talked to lots of women who are working while pursuing their God-inspired dream on the side. I bet you can guess the most common struggle they expressed. If you said it’s all about time, ... Read more
How to get started when the wait is over

Episode 85: How to Get Started When the Wait Is Over

It’s been a long wait. You’ve been patient and trusted God through the waiting. But now, God says it’s time to go … to jump into the dream he’s given you. So, what do you do now? Welcome to Episode ... Read more
The REAL Secret for Overcoming Procrastination

Episode 84: The REAL Secret for Overcoming Procrastination

Are you a chronic procrastinator? I think we could all say yes to that question at some point or another. Maybe you’ve tried all the tips and tricks to avoid procrastination and are wondering why it’s still a problem for ... Read more
What to Do While You Are Waiting

Episode 83: What to Do While You Are Waiting

When God asks us to wait, He asks us to trust Him. But what should you do, if anything, while you are waiting? Listen in to Episode 83 of Just One Simple Thing to learn four things that King David ... Read more
Are You Waiting or Procrastinating?

Episode 82: Are You Waiting or Procrastinating?

Sometimes, God has us in a period of waiting. Sometimes, we put ourselves in a period of procrastinating. And often, we get the two mixed up. In Episode 82 of Just One Simple Thing, you’ll learn ways to discern the ... Read more
Honoring All the Work God Has Given You

Episode 81: Honoring All the Work God Has Given You

Are you overwhelmed by trying to share your God-inspired message while working your full-time job? Or maybe you are homeschooling, raising tiny humans, or caregiving in some other way. Do you wonder if it’s worth it, or even possible, to ... Read more


Do A New Thing equips busy communicators and leaders with project management and problem solving skills so they can turn their big ideas into a successful ministry or business.

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