Episode 123: What I Learned From Being Sidelined

What I Learned From Being Sidelined

Finally! I’m back! After almost two months of an unplanned break, I’m so happy to be back to creating Just One Simple Thing. In episode 123, I’m sharing four things I learned while being sidelined and how I’m using them to kick off the year.

You have no idea how glad I am to be back. It has been the most frustrating two months I’ve ever had! In mid November, I developed a cough and head cold. Not covid, strep, or flu. Just a bad head cold. About the time I thought it was over, it migrated into bronchitis. And then it because pneumonia. And then I got covid. It’s been awful.

But we know that with God, nothing is wasted. Not even a never-ending cough. My podcast break was unplanned, but the Lord has been speaking to me.

Here are four things I learned while I was sidelined.

1. Some of the things I considered non-negotiable are actually very negotiable.

2. Reducing down to the bare essentials shows me what is really important.

3. My hope is in the Lord, not in a new schedule or routine.

4. Rebuilding doesn’t have to mean building the same thing again.

It’s been an uncomfortable period, but I think it was necessary to teach me these lessons. My expectations of this new season were unrealistic and would lead me right back in to a place of burnout. And maybe that is the biggest lesson of all. If you get unexpectedly sidelined, instead of whining (and I did my fair share of whining), look for the lessons the Lord is trying to teach you. It may be a redirection or refinement of where you thought you were headed.

Re-evaluate your non-negotiables. If push came to shove, what would you adjust? What priorities would you use to choose? You’ll make better decisions about that if you do it now, rather than waiting until your brain is oxygen-deprived.

Thanks for your patience during my break, and your kind messages checking on me. I’m grateful to be back, and grateful for you. This year is going to get better. I just know it. So invite some friends to come along with us!

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