Episode 128: Three Ways to Ask “If Not Now, When?”

You’ve heard the question before … you’ve probably asked it yourself.  If not now, when? But what are you really asking when you say that?  It could be one of three things, depending on where you are with your ministry or business.  In Episode 128 of Just One Simple Thing, we explore the rallying cry, the desperate prayer, and the honest question.

I know that stickers are a trendy marketing tool.  I found a great designer who gets my vibe and she’s developed a whole bunch of stickers for me.  Kelly was sharing some of her designs on social media and I saw one that I loved.  It said “If not now, when?” Kelly re-created that sticker in my brand colors, and I used it in a promotion at a conference last fall, and in the Do Your Thing retreat swag and at home boxes.

As I was handing out those stickers, it hit me that you could ask that question in a lot of different ways at different stages of your ministry or business.  And they are all ways that lead to a deeper understanding of God’s purpose in your current situation.

“If not now, when?” can be a rallying cry, a desperate prayer, or an honest question.

First, a rallying cry.  When you first started, you may have asked the question then … if not now, when?  There’s no time like the present!  It motivates you to take those first actions that will lead to clarity in God’s calling.  If you aren’t careful, that rallying cry can carry an undertone of hustle culture. Like if you don’t do it right now, you’ll never have another chance, so sacrifice everything to follow this dream.

And it can lead to the second way we think of this question.

A desperate prayer.  Lord, if not now, WHEN will you bring growth and success?  I see it happening for other people …. When is it going to happen for me?  Friend, if you are hearing those thoughts in your head right now, I want you to shut off your social media, close your laptop, and invite the Lord into those emotions. God definitely wants to use you.  He has gifted you with skills, abilities, resources, and a message that He wants to use in ways that maybe you haven’t imagined.  Sit with Him and let Him unfold that vision in your heart.  It may be more simple.  It may be more grand.  But you won’t know until you deal with those emotions with the Lord.

Then, you’ll be able to ask the honest question.  If not now, Lord, when?  What do you need to do in me before I can step into this calling?  Where do I need to grow? What do I need to learn?

After evaluating it honestly, you may find that the when IS now.  It may be time to take that first step, or the next step towards the vision God has given you.  But you’ll be able to do it without the hustle or the desperation.

First, head over to my free Facebook group, Plan & Pray with Do A New Thing , and grab  your Honest Questions worksheet.  It will help you think through all those things I mentioned.

And second, check out my group program, The Honor Circle.  In the program, you’ll be surrounded by other ladies with a dream that are honoring all the work that God has given them to do.  And they are working through these questions just like you are. You can learn all about it here.

Alright … that’s it for this week.  Can you believe we are almost through the first quarter of 2024?  It’s flying by. Be sure to invite some friends along on the journey with us. It’s always more fun with friends!


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