Episode 125: Four Ways to Promote Your Email Subscriber Opt-In Freebie

Four Ways to Promote Your Email Subscriber Opt-in Freebie

Are you getting sign ups from your email subscriber opt-in freebie? You put a lot of work into it and it helps your audience solve a problem. But if you want to actually get people to sign up for it, you need to treat it like the valuable resource it is and give it a proper launch. Stay tuned for Episode 125 of Just One Simple Thing where you’ll learn four ways you can launch your subscriber freebie.

I think we’ve all been convinced of the importance of growing an email list, especially if you are not too keen on using social media to promote your ministry or business. But I often hear from people who say they have created an amazing subscriber freebie but no one is signed up for it.

Crafting a great opt-in freebie and creating an easy, reliable way for people to sign up for it is only the first step. In order to actually get people to sign up, you have to treat it like the valuable product it is and give it a proper launch. Here are my best tips for launching your subscriber opt-in freebie.

1. Find your launch team

Prayerfully select a few people and ask them to help you promote your new freebie. One fun way to do this is to line up a newsletter swap. You promote their freebie in your newsletter and they promote yours in their newsletter.

Make it easy for them to promote for you. Give them the URL where people can sign up, and one or two square graphics they can use. The easier you make it, the more willing they will be to help.

2. Send it to your current subscribers

Your subscribers have entrusted you with their email address and invested in your ministry or business. You should treat them like gold, because they are. Always send any new freebies to them first.  You can incentivize them to share by offering a special bonus.  Post a promo for your freebie on your social media, give them the link to that post, then ask them to share the post with their testimonial of how the freebie helped them, and tag you in the post. Then you can send the bonus to everyone who shared it.

3. Mention your freebie in your social media and guest post bios

Sometimes we spend too much effort in our bios telling people what we do, instead of giving them an opportunity to experience a taste of it themselves. Your new opt-in freebie should be mentioned in your social media bio with a link to opt in.

4. Promote your freebie on social media

Create a couple of Instagram and Facebook posts about your amazing freebie and schedule them out over the next few weeks.  Schedule your promos once a week for the first month, then once a month for a few months after.

Choose just one of these ideas and use it to promote your opt-in freebie. Hint: The easiest one is to send it to your current subscribers and incentivize them to share it. If you post about your freebie on social media, be sure to tag me @doanewthing so I can share it for you!

You worked hard creating something special for your audience. Now it is time to get it in their hands! I hope this episode made it easier for you to do that. Join me back here  for the next episode, where we will talk about turning those subscribers into a community.

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