5 Things A Virtual Assistant Can Do For Your Online Ministry

How long is your to-do list?  If it is anything like mine, there are more things on the “To-Do” side than on the “Done” side.  Running an online ministry or business is a lot of work .. writing, creating graphics, doing linkups, social media, setting up sales pages, connecting with others …  and you know … Read more

4 Biblical Strategies to Grow Your Christian Blog

Did you see the S-word in my post title?  Did the word “strategy” make your stomach churn?  For some reason, many people, especially Christian women,  believe “Biblical”, “strategy” and “blog” cannot co-exist in the same sentence. I’m not sure why this attitude exists.  Maybe because we think “strategy” equals “manipulation”. Or perhaps “self-promotion.” The dictionary … Read more

Bless Your Blog

Two amazing Christian blogging courses ... one great price!

As a Christian blogger, your message matters. But let’s be honest: so do your values. There is no shortage of advice for blogging and growing an online platform but what IS in short supply is solid, practical instruction that aligns with our purpose and values. If you’ve ever gone searching for blog advice, no doubt … Read more