Every Leader Needs an Unsung Hero

Every leader needs an unsung hero who will show up in the middle of a battle and offer support. #4PeopleEveryLeaderNeedsThis post is part of the 4 People Every Leader Needs series.  We’re looking at the support team that helped make Moses one of the strongest leaders in the Bible.  If Moses needed help, so do we!  

Oh, how I love Hur!  What?  You’ve never heard of Hur?  Well, that is not surprising. He doesn’t get many @mentions or likes, but he was there for one of Moses’ most significant events.

Joshua (the apprentice) was fighting the big battle with the Amalekites.  Moses was standing on top of the hill looking over the fight.  As long as his hands were held high, Joshua and the Israelites were winning, but when he tired and his hands dropped, the Amalekites would start winning.

No surprise that Aaron (the partner) was there to support Moses and ensure victory for the Israelites.  But Hur?  Where did he come from?

We don’t really know.  He’s only mentioned a couple of times.  Both times, he was with Aaron.  If Aaron was the partner and Joshua was apprentice, I like to imagine Hur as the behind-the-scenes support guy.

The one who took care of the little details that the flashier guys overlooked or didn’t have time for.

The one who saw a problem or a need and took care of it, without making a big deal.

The one who made Moses, Aaron and Joshua look good by making sure they had everything they needed.

Every leader needs that kind of behind the scenes support.  For you, it may be a technical support person who keeps your website humming. Maybe it is a trusted virtual assistant who has your ministry organized and running smoothly.  Or it could be a talented editor or proofreader who makes your writing shine.

Although your audience may never see any of these people, they see the results of their work and it makes you look better.  So it’s important to choose your behind-the-scenes people carefully.  They must be people you can trust completely. Reliable, dedicated.  And willing to show up in the middle of a battle to support you.  Somebody like Hur.

Where do you find the people willing to be your unsung hero?  Try these four places:

Referrals from friends

Ask around.  Who is helping your friends and peers? Having a personal connection from the start will make the onboarding time go smoothly.

Ask your audience

Your audience is bound to be immensely talented, with skills and experience you know nothing about!  Put a note in your weekly email letting your audience know what you are looking for.  They are already invested in you and your ministry by being on your mailing list.  And maybe you could barter for some services.

Look in your Facebook groups

Recently, I was looking for a virtual assistant for one of my clients.  I posted in the By His Grace Bloggers Facebook group to see if anyone was available and quickly had several great options.

Try a referral service

Depending on the type of help you need, you can try a referral service like Fiverr.  Or better yet, check out the Christian Entrepreneurs Hub.  It’s growing and adding service providers all the time!

Your ministry is too important to be limited by your talent and dedication alone.  If you try to do it all yourself , your growth will be restricted by your personal capacity. And I don’t know about you, but my personal capacity seems to shrink a little bit every day.

The fresh ideas, wise counsel and expertise that come from a partner, a mentor, an apprentice and an unsung hero could be just the thing you need to move your ministry forward.

If Moses needed them, I figure I probably do too.

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