Recap #3

This post is part of my Write 31 Days Challenge series, based on results of the Online Christian Creative Survey.  Click here to see all posts in the series

We’re getting so close to the end!  Just a couple of more days in the series.  But before we go any farther, let’s recap again to see where we are going.

Over the last several days, we have looked at:

The things that marketers do to get on your nerves

The courses that have been most helpful to you

You didn’t have a clear concensus on the service providers who had been most helpful, so we worked on how to find a favorite service provider

Things can get hard and frustrating sometimes, and when they do, you need to just carry on.

We started looking at the top performers in our survey and found that they have some things in common with the rest of us.

And they have some things very different.

No matter where you are in your online journey, I hope you’ve learned some things about yourself and about others that will help you move forward. Tell me in the comments what you have learned so far.  Let’s hang in there together for these last few posts!

How Can I Serve You

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