How to Find Your Favorite Service Provider

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Only about 30% of those who responded to the Online Christian Creative Survey were able to name at least one service provider who was had been helpful to them. When we asked about your favorite courses, there were some clear ones at the tops that you said were the most helpful.  But when we asked about your favorite service providers … well … not so much.

First of all, only about 30% of those who responded to the Online Christian Creative Survey were able to name at least one service provider who had been helpful to them.

And second, the only provider mentioned more than two times was Fiverr, the online freelance service.  And while I am sure there are a lot of really awesome people offering services on Fiverr, it can be a bit hit or miss.

However, several people said they are at the point of needing help and weren’t sure how to find the right person … the one that could fill their gaps … someone who can be trusted.  So maybe it would be helpful to share my best tips for finding that right person.


  1.  Clarify what you are looking for and be specific.  When you are in pain, sometimes it is hard to tell where the pain is coming from … you hurt all over.  It can be the same when you are overwhelmed and need help.  It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what kind of help you need.  And maybe you feel like you need a little bit of everything.  But for your new right hand person to uniquely fit your needs, you have to articulate what those needs are.
  2. Figure out how to you want to work.  Are there certain times of day that are best for you to communicate?  Do you want someone you can talk to or will staying in contact by email work for you?
  3. Ask friends for recommendations.  If you are struggling with something, it’s likely that some of your blog buddies have struggled with the same thing. Don’t just get names.  Get examples of their work.  Understand how they work and if that style will mesh with your needs and availability.
  4. Interview at least three people for committing to anyone.  I know.  This is the hard part.  We are nice Christians.  We hate to disappoint someone, or make them feel bad if we don’t choose them.  But a working relationship that turns sours will be worse for everyone.
  5. Use a small task as a trial to be sure it is going to meet your needs.  If someone is asking for a huge commitment to even start working with you, that may not be the right person for you.
  6. Don’t give up if the trial isn’t perfect.  Evaluate if it was a communication gap that you can fix, or expectations that were’t aligned.  If it can be fixed try again. But if it there was a fundamental breakdown, don’t be afraid to walk away and try someone else.

Let us know how it goes! And if you need help sorting through all your ideas and prioritizing the things that need to get done, I would be honored to serve you. 

How Can I Serve You

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