It’s All Business (Even When It’s Not)

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The top Online Christian Creatives are more strategic-minded even if their niche is ministry-focused. In the last post, we started focusing on the most successful bloggers in our survey to see what we can learn about and from them.  We looked at how they are the same as the rest of the people who took the survey … they struggle with the exact same things.

Now we will look at how they are different.  In this post, we’ll explore their demographics, then we’ll check out their purchasing preferences and finally, find out about their favorite courses and services.

As we dig into those three areas, we’ll see a common theme …   they work their online presence like a business, even if they are more ministry-focused than business-minded.

More of these people (37%) view their blog as a part of their overall ministry or business strategy than the survey average (24%) and less (44%) say their blog is their central focus (62%).  The top bloggers tend to have a wider, more strategic view of their message, rather than just the words they want to share.

62% of them are selling products or services from their website vs. 37% for the survey average.  It’s not because their niche is more secular than spiritual … 79% said their niche is Biblical Inspiration/Bible study – exactly the same as the survey average.  But they are selling physical books, ebooks and services to earn income from their website.

The most telling difference is that 100% of the top bloggers have had an online presence for more than a year, compared to 78% of the survey average.  There is no overnight success.  Those who are most successful with their online business or ministry have consistently put in the work over a long period of time.


If you are not in that top group, ask yourself how seriously you are taking your ministry.  Be real and honest with yourself.  This post I wrote a while back may give you some things to think about.

And if you are already working it as hard as you can, hold on!  Don’t let the success of others define what is success for you.  Learn what you can, apply what makes sense and trust God for the results!

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