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Episode 73: When Doubt Attacks

How do you handle doubt? Do you wallow in it and allow it to throw you off your game?  Or do you confidently fight back with God’s Word?  Somewhere in between?  In Episode 73, we’ll learn how to stand up ... Read more

Episode 72: Engage Your New Email Subscribers with a Welcome Series

Have you ever joined a group or a community, or maybe started a new job … and they just threw you in, expecting you to know how things work?  That’s what it’s like for your new email subscribers.  They sometimes ... Read more

What I Learned from Launching A Podcast

When my business coach first told me I needed to start a podcast, I thought I’d rather poke my eyes out with a hot needle. I was very familiar with the podcasting world.  At that point, I had been a ... Read more

My Favorites from the Amazon 3-for-2 Book Sale!

Note:  The 3-for-2 deal in this post has expired, but most of these books are still on sale.  Check them out, along with other deals in the Amazon Prime Day sales. You’ve been waiting for it an it’s finally here!  ... Read more

Five Steps to Feel More Well-Rested

I’m happy to welcome Tracie Johnson to the blog with some tips for being more well-rested. And who doesn’t need more rest these days? Only a few people in the world are able to fall asleep right after their heads ... Read more

Simplify Your Systems With Spreadsheet Templates

Web platforms, browser extensions, apps, and desktop software—there is no shortage of helpful tools for today’s business and ministry leaders. While these tools can be total game-changers for you and your organization, they can also be challenging to learn. This ... Read more
A Prayer for your plans

A Prayer for Your Plan

To plan or not to plan?  That is the question we struggle with as Christians. The same Bible that says “A wise man thinks ahead” also says “Live one day at a time.”  No wonder we are sometimes confused.  Which ... Read more
encourage christian writer

How to Encourage a Christian Writer

Christian writers and communicators put their words out every day to encourage others … to lift their spirits, offer them hope and grace and bring them closer to Jesus.  But how about those writers?  When you appreciate what they do, ... Read more
find time to write

10 Ways to Make Time for Writing

One of the most common questions I’ve been asked recently is “How do I find time to write?” That may seem like a funny question because as online Christian communicators and leaders, it feels like we are writing all the ... Read more
smart goals

When SMART Goals Make You Feel Dumb

I’m sure you’ve heard about SMART goals. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound … or some slight variation. SMART goals are a good thing. I’ve suggested them myself. And they work well for a lot of people. But for others, ... Read more
tips personal retreat

10 Tips for a Refreshing Personal Retreat

I love my family. And I love spending time with them. Really. I do. But recently, I had the opportunity to spend a weekend by myself … 100% alone time in a different city for three whole days. Ahhhhhh …… ... Read more
tough grace

When Grace Must Be Tough

Recently, I was on a video call with my friend and fellow volunteer, Denise. We were 15 minutes late starting because my morning got away from me and I was just hopping out of the shower at the planned time ... Read more

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