How to Encourage a Christian Writer

When you want to encourage a Christian writer, here are the things they most want to hear from their readers.

When you want to encourage a Christian writer, here are the things they most want to hear from their readers.

Christian writers and communicators put their words out every day to encourage others … to lift their spirits, offer them hope and grace and bring them closer to Jesus.  But how about those writers?  When you appreciate what they do, what is the best way to encourage a Christian Writer?

Recently, someone said that I practice what I preach about a certain topic and I thought that was about the nicest thing they could say about me.  It’s important to me that people know I am right there with them, trying to implement the same things they are.

And so it made me wonder …. what else can we say to encourage a Christian writer? So I asked some of my favorite friends in the By His Grace Bloggers Facebook Group.

Jana from Wield the Word summed up the overall sentiment well:

The bottom line is that, as writers, we’re pleased to know that what we’re writing is making a difference, has an impact. My ultimate goal is for readers to be drawn deeper in their relationship with Christ, to be encouraged and inspired to read and study and live out God’s Word. If what I write results in some sort of change (even just in thinking) or action that ultimately leads to a closer relationship with Jesus… mission accomplished.

But apart from that, many people noted things that would be especially meaningful and encouraging to them:

A couple weeks ago I had someone tell me that I am a very kind person who doesn’t have an agenda. Jesus said love God and love people. If His love is shining through me like that, then I feel I’m doing what is right.  ~ Sara Lauren Lewis

I wonder if, when someone reads my post, it sticks. ~ Elizebeth at The Beauty of Selah

I would love someone to see that I did not portray a fake perfect life but that I shared my reality and also how I found hope and strength in Him! ~ Julie from Stuff of Heaven

Writers are also encouraged when their readers take action on what they’ve read:

Someone told me today that they bought a new Study Bible because of my course about how to study the Bible- I think hearing that God actually changed someone’s life in a tangible way is exciting. ~ Danell from Faith Plus Family

Someone recently told me that my online ministry and blog has challenged and positively affected the way that they felt about and interacted with their husband and children.  ~ Sarah from Christ-Centered Mama

I’d hope that someone would say that I helped them thrive in Christ and build the habit of a Daily Time with God! ~ Kelly R. Baker

I would love for people to say that my Honest Transparency about Faith and marriage inspires them to keep their eyes on Jesus, Pray and do marriage and faith God’s way rather than the cultures way. Tiffany at Hope & Joy in Christ

We know that God does the real work, but it is nice when He can use our words to be a catalyst for change in someone’s life:

I would love to hear that I made a difference in their life when they were struggling! I helped disarm fear, worry and doubt and lead them to Christ! ~ Julie from Unmasking The Mess

I’ve had women say things like “I never thought about bringing my Savior into my workouts before.” and “I finally found exercise I can actually do, and the devotions encourage me.”  Those kinds of testimonies absolutely warm my heart. ~  Kristen with Faithful Finish Lines

Finally, Christian writers take very seriously their responsibility to reflect Christ, and it encourages them to know they have hit the mark.

I would love to hear that when someone thinks of me they think of a woman who unapologetically loves God, His Word and people. ~ Angel Penn

I have had two separate people tell me that they love talking to me or reading my writing because it never fails to point them to Jesus ~ Heather from Candidly Christian

The only thing I want to be remembered for  is that I loved Jesus. Donna at Fresh Grace for Today

I had a lady tell me I reflected Christ well, that was wonderful. Rebecca from On Angel’s Wings

I would love to be known for declaring the truth no matter what, and leading people closer to Jesus.  Lois from Where Truth Lives

I didn’t have space for all the responses I received.  If you want to read the rest, you can join the By His Grace Bloggers group and check out this post.

I hope that gives you some good ideas.  Next time you want to encourage a Christian writer, it would mean the world to them if you share what you’ve learned from them, how it impacted your life and how you see them pointing others to Jesus.

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