Recap #2

This post is part of my Write 31 Days Challenge series, based on results of the Online Christian Creative Survey.  Click here to see all posts in the series

We are another week into our look at the results from the Online Christian Creative Survey.  I hope you’ve learned a few thing about yourself.  If you this community is part of your target audience for courses, service and products, I hope you are getting more insight into what makes them tick.

Let’s look back at what we learned this week.

43% of Christian Creatives will spend less than $500 on their ministry or business in the next year.  That means they must invest wisely the things that will help solve their biggest struggles.

83% of Christian Creatives will consider purchasing some form of coaching or “done for you” services in the next year.  They need help and you may be uniquely gifted to provide the help they need!

75% of Christian Creatives will consider purchasing speaking, writing, blogging or business/ministry development courses in the next year.  As they take time to learn, their skills will increase.

More than half of Christian Creatives prefer to have their course material presented all at one time so they can work through it at their own pace.  When you give them want they want, they are more likely to share about your awesome course with others.

Learning from experts who have been there, done that is smart, but if FOMO is causing you to do things that don’t fit with your audience, just stop.   Just because everyone is doing it doesn’t make it the right thing for you.

Online Christian Creatives said the best way for you to get their attention is email from you.  You are your own best marketing tool!

Next week, we’ll be looking more a marketing strategies to reach this community, and then we’ll zoom in to look specifically at larger bloggers to see how their needs may be different.


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