Let’s Go To She Speaks: July is for Packing!

This post was originally published in 2016.
It has been updated with links and information related to She Speaks 2022. 

Less than TWO weeks until we all get together for the She Speaks conference!! Are you getting excited?  I know am!  Or, more precisely, I WILL be after I have crossed off all the to-do’s.  Whether you are going to She Speaks, Speak Up or one of the other amazing writing conferences this summer, it’s time to start packing.  So let’s run through some things that may be on your mind in these final days of preparation.

SS Pin - JulyWhat to Wear

  • The She Speaks website has one of my favorite oxymorons … “dressy-casual”. Ha!  That cracks me up every time.  You’ll see a wide range of dress.  Slacks, skirts, nice jeans with a dressy top, nice sandals or flip flops.  You want to be comfy, but I would discourage shorts, your favorite graphic tee and any footwear made of plastic. 🙂
  • Tuck a sweater, shawl or wrap into your bag. The workshop rooms are quite chilly.
  • Comfy shoes are important. There is a surpising amount of walking between conference rooms, meals and appointments.
Check the Resources section at the end of this post for a downloadable packing list and last-minute schedule planner!

Accommodations and Facilities 

  • Since everything is new this year in a new location, it’s hard to say exactly what will be availalbe.  Pay attention to the emails from the She Speaks team.  They are doing a great job of giving us the most important information!


  • Bring an external charger pack for your phone if you have one.  There is so much going on, you may not have time to go back to your room to charge up.   Carrying your own power will keep you from searching around for a plug and worst of all, leaving your phone in that corner next to an outlet you used during a session.
  • If you are short on memory in your devices, go through and make some space before you come.  There will be lots of photo ops with new friends, presenters and authors.  Plus, when the presenter is going too fast for you to take notes, you can take pictures of their slides to refer to later.

Navigating the Conference

  • Proverbs 31 will have a bookstore at the conference and several of the sponsors will have items available for purchase.  Scroll down the She Speaks home page to see the sponsors for this year.  The bookstore and most of the sponsors accepted cards.  You really don’t need much cash … mainly for tipping the hotel staff and in case you share meals with people and need to split a check.
  • You will receive a tote bag with your conference materials. It is a  nice, handy little bag but I recommend bringing your own. Do you know how hard it is to find your stuff when a room full of other women have the exact same bag as you???  Plus I feel more organized and comfortable when I have a place (or pocket) for everything and everything in its place. AND if you bring an empty tote bag with you, you’ll have a place for the goodies you accumulate!
  • Think about your note-taking strategy ahead of time.  Your conference notebook has space to take notes, but you may need additional space to write for some sessions. You may also prefer to take notes on your laptop or tablet, but you’ll be balancing it on your lap.
  •  Try marking things in your notes as you go (or by reviewing your notes at night) to help you find them later.  Use sticky flags or different colored highlighters or special symbols to mark important things you want to come back to.  For example, you might mark Things to Do with a square check box, good ideas to consider with a star, questions to ask with a big question mark, etc. When you get home, it can be very intimidating to go back through all those notes again, so having specific things to focus on will make it a bit easier.

ss gift

  • Seating is open at all sessions, workshops and meals.  Maximize your networking time by sitting with someone new every time!
  • Your conference materials will include a schedule.  You may also have other planned events like  meet-ups and luncheons.  Check the resource section below for a downloadable packing checklist and schedule planner to map out your days at She Speaks.

What other questions do you have?  I certainly don’t know all the answers, but I’ll try to find them or send you to the right person!


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Download a packing checklist and planning schedule to organize your weekend at She Speaks or other conference.


38 thoughts on “Let’s Go To She Speaks: July is for Packing!”

  1. I am pretty sure I said my mother and I would stop by, but my head is a little crowded at present, and I can’t remember! So…my mother and I will stop by and say, Hi! I can’t wait to meet you! Thank you for all you have done! This is amazing!

  2. So informative, Christa! I attended last year and each piece of advice you have given is spot on. Hope you have loads of fun! Oh, and I love that little “happy” for meetups.

  3. I can’t wait to meet lots of new friends! I will try to be there Saturday morning. Thanks for the packing hints!

  4. Hi Christa,

    I just found your website and all the wonderful info about the SHE Speaks Conference. I reviewed the series you have completed on “getting ready” and what to expect. I am so grateful for all the tips. I would like to meet you for Saturday Morning Breakfast at 7am. I am staying at the Embassy Suites. See you then. Thank you for the invite.

  5. What a great check list! Awesome post. So cool to see all of your excitement over She Speaks! I wish I could join you all for your breakfast but we will be very busy preparing for the morning session 🙂 I hope to meet many of you at the registration table on Thursday though! I am a hugger, so if anyone needs to hug out some nerves I am your girl! ~ Jill Carilli, P31 Staff Member, Donor Department xo

  6. Do you know if there is a refrigerator in the embassy suites rooms for us to bring our own water and snacks for the room?

    • Yes, there is! A frig and a microwave! That is a great question and something I need to add to the post. Thanks for asking 🙂

    • Ahhh … that should have been removed since they are not having critique groups. BONUS! You get to check one thing off your list!

  7. Thank you Christa for sharing such great info especially for this newbie! I hope to be able to meet you Saturday morning for breakfast. Blessings!

  8. Hi! Christa,

    Wish I was going to She Speaks again this year! Hope you have a great time!

    Thanks again for putting this to together for everyone attending! You are such a great resource! #SaltandLightLinkup

    Blessings, Misty

  9. Wow! What a wealth of information. Not attending this one, but going to Declare for the first time. Hope you plan to do a similar article for that conference. I would have loved something like this for my first conference I attended.

    • I’ve never been to Declare so I don’t have the scoop on that one. Maybe I can find someone who has been who will do a guest post for me???

  10. One day I will get here, in the interim I love your methodical approach.
    Tip I would recommend evernote for note taking – its an app that can be downloaded and it syncs with your other devices. It’s pretty nifty.
    Stopping by from #GraceandTruth Linkup

    • I’ve never been able to master Evernote. But people who use it often swear by it! I guess I just need to stick with it longer until I get it 🙂

  11. Your posts have been SO helpful – thank you Christa!! I’m a first-time attendee and am experiencing a roller coaster of emotions. I would love to join you for breakfast Saturday morning!


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