Let’s Go To She Speaks! – April Things to Do

This post was originally published in 2016.
It has been updated with links and information related to She Speaks 2017. 

Hey Girlies!  We are one month closer to She Speaks 2017 and I am super excited about that!  How about you?

I am gonna tell you straight-up .. this post is jam-packed with info you need, and there are a ton of resources at the bottom, so be sure to make it all the way to the end! And even if you aren’t going to She Speaks, ALL of the resources I mention below can help in your writing and ministry journey.

Monthly series on preparing for the She Speaks writers conference, plus two awesome giveaways for writers who dream of having their books publishedThe first Monday of every month, we are meeting up here to get ready for the conference together.  Last month, we focused on some of the logistics like getting registered and making travel arrangements. Did you finish everything on the checklist for March?

If you have a confirmed registration, then pinch yourself, because


If you are on the waiting list, there is still hope. A bunch of people will have to cancel for one reason or another and P31 will start contacting people on the waiting list to take those spots. So keep praying and preparing like you are going.  God has a plan for all that work and even if you don’t get the call, that work will not be wasted!

This month, we start the hard work of preparing for networking groups and publisher appointments. So let’s get busy!!

Publisher Appointments

Ah …. the words that can strike fear in the heart of an aspiring writer!  An opportunity to get the words of your heart in front of someone who can open or close the door to your dream.  But with the right preparation, you can walk confidently into your appointment and walk out with your spirit in tact, no matter what the response.

Proverbs 31 offers an amazing set of conference calls to help you prepare, hosted by two P31 speakers and authors.  The first call offers some general advice for everyone from Glynnis Whitwer on making the most of the conference, preparing for the publisher appointment and creating a one-sheet (which is handy for both writers and speakers).  In the second call, Karen Ehman will cover the main elements of a winning book proposal.  Both calls come with examples and samples to help you create your own knock-their-socks-off book proposal.  You can purchase the She Speaks pre-conference calls in the P31 bookstore.  Even if you aren’t going to She Speaks or meeting with a publisher, the Book Proposal call is perfect for anyone dreaming of being published.

The calls are May 30 and June 6, but writing your first book proposal can take a lot of time, so it might be a good idea to get started sooner.  Thankfully, there are some other publishing powerhouses who have generously shared what they know to help you.

Chad Allen is a writer, editor, speaker, entrepreneur, and creativity coach. He serves as editorial director for Baker Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group and is the creator of Book Proposal Academy. BPA is closed right now, but Chad has a ton of book proposal posts and resources on his site to help create a strong proposal.  Chad has also stopped by here last year to give some tips on making the most of your meetings with acquisition editors.

nfbookcoverMary DeMuth is another best-selling author who is passionate about helping other writers.  She has created an ebook and a template for Writing a Winning NonFiction Book Proposal.

Let me tell you a story about someone who used Mary’s template.  This time two years ago, Shauna Shanks was the mom of three adorable little boys and a wife with a powerful story of, in her own words, “this great-big, amazing, life-changing God that loved me, and loved them too.” She had written her story but had no idea what to do with it.  A friend of a friend suggested that she go to She Speaks.

Registration was closed and she ended up on the waiting list.  By the time she was notified that a space was open for her, the publisher appointments were full.  By the time she was notified that a publisher appointment spot was open for her, it was only three weeks before the conference! (Are you noticing a pattern here?  God’s hand of provision is ALL OVER this girl’s story!)

Shauna grabbed a copy of Mary’s book and the template and got to work, literally copying and pasting straight into the template.  At She Speaks, she met with the editor from Zondervan.  She was asked to send her book proposal and after several months of getting the green light at each step, Shauna has a book coming out soon!  I’d say that was a winning book proposal! Plus an obedient girl who pressed in to Jesus and let Him take charge of the results.  You’ll hear more from Shauna next month, but stop by her site and connect with her. You will fall in love with Shauna, I promise!

Is it getting real yet??

Let me say one last word this month about business cards and one-sheets, because a couple of people asked me about them.  It’s a good idea to have business cards and one-sheets at the conference.  They make it easy to share your contact info and what you are about with all of your new friends.  If you have been at this a while and are solid on your ministry branding (purpose statement, tagline, online presence, etc.) it is okay to go ahead and get those things out of the way.

I’ve put them near the end of the checklist because if you are new to all this stuff, it’s best to wait.  As you work through your all of the other preparations, your view of your ministry may change or be clarified, so you’ll want to bake that into the things you hand out at the conference.  I learned this the hard way my first year.  Don’t rush it.


If you haven’t downloaded my She Speaks check list, you can get it here:
[email-download download_id=”1700″ contact_form_id=”716″]



How are you preparations coming?  Are you getting excited?  Roommates picked? Book ideas churning?  Let us know how it’s going and any questions you have!


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24 thoughts on “Let’s Go To She Speaks! – April Things to Do”

  1. Almost spewed coffee out of my nose when I read, “God never intended for every thought that pops into your head to come out of your mouth.” Thanks for that convicting message! Great run down here! I actually enjoyed doing the proposal, as stressful as it was!!

  2. Thank you for this information. I’m so excited and nervous but your information is so helpful. I feel like I may be more prepared because of you sharing this information.

    I’ve been working on the other items, tag lines etc. Your blog is packed full of so much awesome and informative data for bloggers to use!!!

    Keep up the marvelous work!!!

    • I can’t wait to meet you too! Someone asked if I was going to have a meet-up at She Speaks with everyone who is following the series. I would love that! I’ll look at the schedule and see if we can pick a breakfast time one morning to get together.

  3. I loved this Christa! “Learning to self-edit and speak only the words that God has for your audience is the mark of a woman who has surrendered control of her ministry … who knows it is not all about her.” –such wise words!

  4. Such Great Information, Christa. Although I am not going, I am going to be checking in with you on the preparations. It is never too early to prepare! Maybe sometime, the opportunity will arise! Thanks again. Have a great week!

  5. This is so nice of you. I would not be able to participate in She Speaks 2016, but reading this gives me an idea about it and the resources too! Thanks so much for sharing this! Blessings

  6. Hey funny girl. Hoping to join She Speaks one year. Wish it were closer so I could drive and join you girls. Maybe one day I can take the plunge. I want that sign when you get it made for your desk. Love you lady. Love this site.

  7. Am I missing where information about a one-sheet is? haha Maybe I just need an extra set of eyes but wanted to find out what it is exactly so I can prepare for that in the future! Thank you for all the help!

    • Tina, a one-sheet is a one-page summary of a book proposal. It can also refer to a sheet that speakers use to show their speaking topics and bio info. If you google “book proposal one sheet” or “speaker one sheet”, you will find lots of examples. Hope that helps!

  8. Hi Christa, I always find such practical, helpful advice on your site. Thank you so much for sharing, as 2017 is my first year to attend. Thank you also for hosting the conference call giveaway! I just received the checklist, and as a person who loves lists, this is a treat!


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