Episode 76: Four Strategies You Need to Stay Focused and Save Time

Four Strategies You Need to Stay Focused and Save Time

Creating a strategy for your ministry or business may sound like a complicated, overwhelming thing. And who needs one more overwhelming thing on their plate right now? But when you break it down into four key areas, and keep things simple, you’ll get all the benefits of a strategy, without the overwhelm. You will be able to stay focused. Let’s see what that looks like.

On the last episode of Just One Simple Thing, we talked about strategy.

We broke it down into a simple formula to wrap our heads around …. Purpose + a Plan + a System = A Strategy. If you missed it, go back to Episode 75 and listen to a Biblical example and a modern-day example of how that breaks down.

A strategy is more than something you just write down in your planner and check back on a few times a year. It’s an important tool that can simplify things for you if you use it right. When you have taken the time to create a good strategy, that strategy will act as a filter.

It also helps you stay focused and saves time.

And when you are using it as a filter and to stay focused, you’ll have more confidence in your decisions and stop second guessing everything.

Four strategies that you need for your business or ministry.

1. Marketing Strategy

2. Content Strategy

3. Financial Strategy

4. Administrative Strategy

I know that sounds like a LOT … but really, it’s not so bad. Break things down in these buckets, and then develop a strategy for where you are headed in each area.

You can put up simple, intentional guardrails to guide your work so you can move toward your goals with confidence.

Head over to my free Facebook group Plan & Pray with Do A New Thing and grab the strategy worksheet, if you didn’t already get after the last episode. I’ve also added a checklist to consider for each strategy area, and a few tips for creating your strategy. Pick the one area that feels the most out of control for you and start working your strategy. Remember … keep it simple …. A Purpose, A Plan, and A System

And hey …. Can you do me a favor? Let me know how this is working for you. I’m creating a new resource for you with more detail on developing your strategy, and I’d love to know what questions or sticking points you come up against. You can email me at christa@doanewthing.comor catch up with me on Facebook or Instagram@doanewthing

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