Episode 60: Overcome the Idea Tornado & Get Clarity on Your Next Step

Overcome the Idea Tornado & Get Clarity on Your Next Step

Do you suffer from the Idea Tornado? Pretty much every creative I know does. In Episode 60 of Just One Simple Thing, you’ll learn how to eliminate some of the clutter from the tornado and identify the biggest issue that is preventing progress on your dreams and goals. This will help you get clarity on your next step. So let’s get started!

It can be overwhelming and frustrating. Sometimes it’s easier to eliminate some things and then look at the things that are left to see what bubbles up to the top. So let’s weed out the things we don’t need to do, to make room for the next right step.

1. Use Your Purpose as a Filter

I’ve talked before about how much I love Noah. He may have been the very first Project Manager. God gave Noah a very specific assignment and Noah got after it.  God told him to build an ark, and anything that did not contribute to that purpose didn’t get any space on Noah’s list.

Before we can prioritize ideas, we have to know what we’re trying to accomplish.

2. Stop Making Decisions

We revisit too many decisions that have already been made. Noah had a blueprint for the ark from God, and he just got busy building it according to that plan.

If some of those ideas swirling by are things you’ve already decided and have clear direction on, let them fly on by. Stop making decisions you have already made.

3. Your Biggest Issue is Your Next Right Step

Our biggest issues are often the most difficult to solve. Usually we focus on the easy little things, checking quantity off our to-do list instead of quality.  Noah had a mission to build an ark. It was hard work.  Noah was single-mindedly focused on building the ark.

What is the biggest issue you need to solve? The one thing that is blocking your path and preventing progress? It may seem like there are a lot of them, but if you look closely, you will likely find one thing that everything else hinges on.

Genesis 6 and 7 says repeatedly that “Noah did everything just as God commanded him.” And ultimately, that is how we find our next right step.

I want you to reach out and tell me what that biggest issue is that you need to solve. What was the one thing that caused your last launch to fail? Or your last project to not meet your expectations? See, I have a theory about what it is for most of you. I’ll let you know in the next episode if I was right! And if I am, I have an easy formula to help you solve it. So find me on Instagram or Facebook @doanewthing and let me know. Then be sure to tune in to the next episode, and invite your Christian creative friends who need some help with their own goals, plans, and strategies.


For more help with defining your purpose, check out Episode 19 to find it at the intersection of your Why, your Who and your You.

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