Episode 55: The Best of Just One Simple Thing (so far)

The Best of Just One Simple Thing (so far)

Welcome to Episode 55 of Just One Simple Thing, where we are celebrating the 1-year birthday of the podcast! How exciting is that?? In this special episode, I’m sharing about the top episodes from the past year, and what I’ve learned about you … my sweet listeners … during that time. Grab a pen because I know you’ll want to write down some of these episode numbers. Let’s celebrate!

You guys have been so encouraging and kind with your feedback. And I’m happy to say I’ve put out a new episode every week, and even a few bonus ones sprinkled in there. So as we hit the one year mark, I thought you might be curious to know which episodes have been the most popular. And I want to share a few things that I’ve learned about you, which will help me know what type of episodes to do in the future.

The most downloaded episode is one of the early ones .. Episode 4: The 5 P’s of Decision Making. And other episodes about making decisions, like Episode 3 and Episode 50, were also popular.

The two episodes with the highest percentage of engagement (meaning people are listening to them more than once) are Episode 25: 4 Reasons God’s Plans Are Better and, Episode 21: Creating a Presence that Makes God Famous. Wow. That is a powerful statistic. The ones you listen to over and over remind us that it’s not about us … it’s about what God is doing with our gifts and talents.

Other than the first four or five episodes fueled by curiosity, Episode 34: Are You Building a Platform or Cultivating a Community had the most downloads in the first seven days.
As I said in that episode, a platform is something you stand on and a community is something you stand in. I’m all for standing in with my community.

The last episode, about 10 ways to use sticky notes, is just about to catch up to that one for 7 day downloads. Y’all love the office supplies …. Especially the sticky notes! Which leads me to Ruthie’s favorite episode. She loved the early one about mind mapping and using the little post-it notes. That was Episode 12: Brainstorming Methods that Really Work.

Cassie is a newish listener who said she loves the podcast because it is so actionable and there’s no fluff.  Laura said Episode 48 really hit home with her. That was the one about overcoming shiny object syndrome.

Jamie’s favorite episode was number 40, about setting PEACE goals instead of SMART goals.

Michele said, “When I need a calming and sound voice I can depend on your podcast to help me not be overwhelmed with all the things.” That’s what we are all about here. Ditching the overwhelming and using gifts and talents in ways that serve people and honor God. Let’s do it for another year, okay?


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Book Recommendation: Moving Forward: Inspiration for the Go Getter Jesus Girl by me!

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