Episode 24: Why Accountability May Be Your Missing Piece

For the last several episodes, we’ve been talking about Success Foundations … the things you need in place to build something that will last. Maybe you’ve gathered a list of things you need to do as you explore your purpose, create your pieces, find your people, hone your presence and position your resources. But before you start making a plan to do all the things, there is one thing you probably haven’t thought about. Accountability could be your missing piece.

If you are listening to Episode 24 in real time, Labor Day is just around the corner. It’s that time when we face the end of the yearand maybe wonder why we aren’t as close to reaching our goals as we expected to be. Is there something we could have done differently? (Please tell me I’m not the only one feeling like that??) Perhaps the missing piece is accountability.

Although most people would agree that accountability is important, we still don’t prioritize like we should. Let me share three things you need to know about accountability, and then some tips for incorporating it into your strategy.

  • accountability can be uncomfortable.
  • accountability validates our ideas … or not.
  • accountability turns hard places into soft landings.

How do you find the right accountability partner?

Your hard-driving, go-getter side is looking for a drill sargeant who will make you drop and give ’em twenty if you are late on a single task. Your overwhelmed, too-much-to-do side just wants a friend who will sweetly ask about once a month if you’ve posted on Instagramlately. Either one of those choices is completely legitimate, depending on your situation and your goals. So before you start trying to find an accountability partner, it might help to decide what you really want.

Once you have a clear picture of what you are looking for, there are several places you may find your ideal accountability partner, and each have their pros and cons.

Check out this blog post to learn more about them: How to Find An Accountability Partner.


Take this quick quiz to see what type of accountability partner is best for you.

Learn more about the Move Forward Mastermind here.

Book Recommendation:
Learning to Lead Like Jesus by Boyd Bailey

It can be exhausting trying to figure out which strategy or tactic will actually bring in clients consistently.

#ToughGrace: Growing your business online can’t happen without clients or students buying your offers.

I have learned a lot from my friend Esther Littlefield about how to grow my business and bring in more clients, and I’m excited that she is offering a training to help more women do the same.

It’s called the Consistent Clients Challenge, and it’s happening Sept. 20-24, 2021.

Learn more and sign up here.

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