Episode 103: Fresh Ways to Save Time Using Canva

Fresh Ways to Save Time Using Canva

Still think Canva is just for creating nice graphics? Think again. Canva has continued to update their product so that it has a unique offering of branding tools, website, video, and document creation, automation, and of course, graphic design. In Episode 103 of Just One Simple Thing, we’ll look at some of the best time-saving tools for content creators using Canva.

Hey friends! Welcome back to our Time-Saving Tools series. So far, we’ve looked at the AI program ChatGPT in Episode 101 and Gmail in Episode 102. In in this episode, we’ll dive into our favorite program for quickly creating high-quality graphics … Canva.

Canva has become pretty much the go-to tool for content creators to generate the graphics they need for social media, websites, and products. But the more recent additions to Canva branch out from downloadable graphics to include websites, documents, presentation tools, and a long list of app integrations.

So let’s look into some of the best features that will save you time.

We’ll start with Brand Kits. Your brand kit includes your brand colors, fonts, and logos. When you create a brand kit in Canva, they become available to you throughout Canva.

Another easy one is Templates. Canva comes loaded with thousands of templates you can use to get started on your design. But you can also create custom templates.

Another really cool feature is Bulk Create. This auto-generates multiple graphics from a template and a spreadsheet.

We could go on forever about all the fun graphic elements and tools for creating the graphics, but since we are focused mainly on saving time, let’s move away from graphics creation to some of the newer tools.

Like Canva websites. Canva recently rolled out this feature that allows you to publish your design as a website. You can start with a Canva website template or create your own. It’s super easy to build by dragging and dropping elements just like you do in a graphic, changing background colors, sizing images, and laying it out exactly how you want it.  But it is great when you need a quick landing page for a product or event, an information portal or a client portal.

Another new-ish feature is Presentations … Canva’s answer to Power Point and Keynote.

There’s a feature where you can invite people to join you live while you are presenting without using any other software (like Zoom or Teams) and you can go back and forth between your presentation and other tabs on your desktop.

So those are some of my favorite time-saving features in Canva. And these are just the tip of the iceberg. Next time you are creating a graphic, scroll down to the bottom of the far-left toolbar and click on Apps. There are tons of things there to explore.

If you already have tools that are working for you, be careful not to get things too spread out, where you have some things on your website, some on Canva, some in LeadPages, some in PowerPoint, some in a Google doc …. I’m already experiencing a little bit of that, and it can be frustrating.

Head over to Canva and try just one new thing you haven’t done before. And let me know how it’s working out for you. You can follow me @doanewthing on FB and IG. I’d love to see what you are up to.

In the next episode, we’ll wrap up the Time Saving Tools series with tips for using Trello … my favorite project management tool. I’ll see you then, and I hope you’ll bring a friend.


Creating Brand Kits

Using andCreating Templates

Bulk Create

Example of Bulk Create

Canva Websites

Canva Presentations

Canva Live

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