Evaluate, Adjust, Repeat

We are in “Planning Week” of our 31 Days of Eating Elephants series.  And you know what often happens when you make a plan?  Nothing goes according to it!  Isn’t that frustrating?

Yes, it is. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make a plan.  It means we need to have  a healthy attitude towards our plan, and know how to make adjustments as we go.

In  our imperfect progress towards modeling our lives after Jesus, we can make plans and adjustments like He did.  I think of the days when Jesus was interrupted while teaching, way-laid on his way to an event or even awakened when he needed to rest.

Jesus took care of what needed taking care of, and then moved on.  After being interrupted while in prayer, he said, “Let us go into the next towns, that I may preach there also, because for this purpose I have come forth.” (Mark 1:38, NIV)  He was laser-focused on his goal.

As Zohary told us yesterday, if we give up after every setback, we will never accomplish our goals.  Recognize that life happens.  Stuff happens. Expect things to get off track so when they do, you aren’t surprised.  It’s just a thing. Keep going.


Plan to Evaluate

When setting up your Planning Six-Pack, make a note about half-way through to review and evaluate your plan.  Ask yourself:

  • Why? You may be behind because you had too many things on your plan to begin with.  Or perhaps you weren’t able to set aside as much time as you expected. And don’t be afraid to admit that once you got started, this elephant wasn’t as important as you thought it was.  God may be leading you in a different direction and that’s ok!
  • What? Some actions may need to be moved off your plan and on to your shelf.  What actions are not mission-critical and can be delayed?  And of course, if you happen to be ahead of schedule, do a little happy dance! Then see if you can pull something OFF the shelf and add it to your plan.
  • How? You know you want to move forward.  How can you re-arrange your actions to get caught up?  Perhaps you need to get some help.  Jesus had a tribe of 12 trusted friends who he turned to when he needed support.  How can your tribe support you in getting back on track?

Working through these questions at key points during your plan will allow you to adjust and right-size your plan.  That’s the key to not quitting.  Evaluate. Adjust. Repeat.

What types of adjustments have you made to your elephant-eating plan? How do you keep your motivation when things get tough?


On Friday morning, October 23 at 10:30am central time, join me on Periscope! I’ll be demonstrating the Planning Six-Pack process and answering your questions!  Click here to see the replay of the Periscope!

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