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It's time to stop waiting for things to get back to "normal".


Join the BUILD A BETTER YEAR workshop to create a plan for your ministry, business, and life that will guide you through whatever crazy thing happens in 2022!

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It's time to reconnect with your WOW.

The last couple of years have been hard. 

You may still have a clear idea of your WHY and your WHO.  But the noisy turmoil and constant disruption of the last two years have robbed you of your WOW. 

You've become jaded and wary, unwilling or unable to commit to a goal, because … why bother?  Things will just change anyway.

It's time to silence the "If Only's" that keep you stuck.

If only I knew how to .... 

If only someone could help me .... I

f only I wasn't afraid to ...

These are the words running through your head and keeping you stuck.  Even if you have a great idea, why make a plan when you don't have what it takes to see it through?

It's time to build a better year.

An interactive workshop for Christian women in ministry or business to find their focus areas for 2022, set goals, and create plans to make this year better than last year.

What if you had a system to corral your inspired ideas into something actionable?

What if you had a specific, personal plan to cut through the confusion, chaos and overwhelm?

Would you step confidently into the new year, new month, new week ... focused on what really matters to move your God-dream forward?

It's easier than you think to reconnect with your WOW and silence the "If Only's".

Knowing our WHY is important, but it’s the WOW that keeps us moving forward

Catching the vision of what God could do with our gifts and talents fuels us to push past the hard things and deliver that WHY to our WHO.

For the last two years, the biggest WOW-killer has been the lack of specific focus and a plan to bring that WOW vision to life.

So many steps, projects, tasks … where do you start and what do you do next?

Over the past six years, I’ve helped dozens of women clarify their focus areas, set flexible goals to make progress in those areas, and create plans to reach the goals.

Not plans that require you to work 24/7, hustling to keep up with what everybody else is doing.

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Targeted, simple plans that allow you to build your goals into your life …. Not build your life around your goals.

In this interactive workshop, you'll walk away with:

  • A Biblical perspective on goals and plans so you can live a life of WOW.
  • Knowing where to focus and how to stay aligned with your calling so you aren't easily distracted by new ideas
  • Flexible, "Good/Better/Best" goals that bring peace to your plans 
  • Annual, quarterly, and weekly plans, plus a proven system you can use all year long to refine your plans and make progress on your goals.
  • Strategies to overcome the things that make you want to quit.

Here's What You'll Get

7 Video Sessions

Step by step instructions to develop an annual plan, a first quarter plan, to-do list and schedule for the first week of the new year.

20+ page Workbook

Downloadable workbook with worksheets and templates along with completed examples, including my Planning Six Pack and To-Do List

Bible Study

Dig into God's Word and learn how to live a life of WOW.


A private Facebook group  to work through the sessions, and for follow up support


Merritt Onsa_Bonus Graphic_Taming Self-Sabotage

Free Workshop

In this two-hour interactive session with Dream Coach Merritt Onsa, you will identify the mental hurdles that make you vulnerable to self-sabotage, consult the Bible for truth you can use to battle the lies, and come away with tools you can use any time during the year to get back on track with the goals you set in the Build a Better Year Workshop.

book camp

45-day trial membership

BookCamp is a mentoring and training hub from Chad Allen where writers get the training, feedback, encouragement, and accountability they need to write and publish their books.


Verse Mapping Exercise

One free downloadable verse mapping exercise from my friends at Verse Mapping Box.  You'll love this creative way to study the Bible and get the most out of your Bible study time.

Time to Thrive - 5 Day Audio Devo - Marva Smith

Time to Thrive Audio Devotional

In this 5-day audio devotional work and life coach, Marva Smith invites you to thrive one day at a time by creating space for meaningful time with God.


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Virtual Workshop  $37

Virtual Workshop Includes

  • Seven recorded sessions from the live workshop in a private Facebook group with time in between to implement what you learn as you go (Value = $600)
  • 30+ page workbook filled with worksheets you’ll use over and over again (Value = $50)
  • Active community for support and encouragement through January 31, 2022 (Value = $80)
  • Pre-workshop package with a Bible Study from life and work coach Marva Smith, and a video to clear your heart and space for the day. (Value = $50)
  • Virtual Swag Bag
    • Book Camp Trial Membership
    • Workshop with Merritt Onsa
    • Verse Mapping Exercise
    • 5-Day Time to Thrive Audio Devotional

Total Value = $800+


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Christa uses her years of experience as a project manager to support communicators and leaders like you in making  progress on your most important goals and projects. She's a coach, project manager, partner and cheerleader, all rolled into one.  She lives in Louisiana with her husband in their delightfully empty nest.


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