What I Learned Through #Write31Days

Oh goodness!  I can’t believe it’s over and we made it to the end!  It is has been a great month of working on our big dreams, goals and projects.  I hope you’ve made some progress!

Yesterday, I was on Periscope giving you 3 R’s for Finishing Strong.  You can click here to see the replay.

Today, as we wrap-up, I wanted to share with you some of the things I have learned this month. Things I’ve learned about myself, about the blogging community, and from some of my favorite #Write31Days bloggers.

About myself:

  1.  It truly is better to work together – I am so thankful that Zohary asked me to do this series with her. There is no way I could have done this by myself.  Even writing two days a week was a stretch for me.  Zohary was a great partner and had a strong vision for the series. My favorite post from her was this one: When Life Gets In the Way of Plans.  Zohary is a gifted life coach, so if you need someone to walk with you through life, check in with Zohary.
  2. It takes me more than one sitting to write a good blog post – I need to spill it out, let it sit on the paper (or in the pixels) and bounce around my brain for a day or so. Then come back and go through it again.  So waiting until 8pm the night before a post is due is not a good strategy for me!  I need to plan it my time a little better than that.
  3. I’m still not great at balancing my time – Even two weeks off work after my surgery didn’t give me enough time to do all the things I wanted to do.  committed to do.  Hope I can get better at that!

About the blogging community:

The blogging community, especially the Christian blogging community, is the most generous, gracious group of people in the world.  Through the #Write31Days program, hundreds of people poured out not only their hearts and words, but their brains, their time and their expertise.  Someone called the #Write31Days page like a library of just about anything you would want to know, and it’s true. I’m thankful for the connections I’ve made through this challenge.

From the #Write31Days bloggers:

Here are some of my favorite blogs that I followed:


Maria Davis covered way more than building a social media presence.  She taught blogging tips, gave practical assignments. In her fledgling Facebook community Hardball Tech Network. I’ve met awesome people like Nifty Betty (who writes with a perfect balance of humor and raw honesty that I covet) and Lora Green (who has an ability to make things beautiful that I also covet.)  Thank you, Maria, for leading, teaching and connecting us well.

Jessie Kirkland is a literary agent with the Blythe Daniel Agency.  Her series on snagging an agent was very helpful and gave me a lot of information that I can pass on to my clients.  She offered phone consultations and I took her up on that.  We spent a delightful half-hour talking about writers and the type of support they need.  Thanks for your time, Jessie!

Sarah Koontz spent 31 days on interesting people, inspirational quotes, and beautiful photography. Each week, she focused on quotes from heroes of the faith and created gorgeous graphics featuring the photography of Todd White.  I think the week with quotes from Martin Luther on marriage was my favorite.  A combination of person and topic that was unexpected.  Sarah’s writing is lyrical magic. I love reading just about anything from her.

Some of my other favorite #Write31Days inspirational blogs were:

Sarah Travis – A-to-Z of God’s Character

Sarah Alsop – Learning to Live for Him 

Jeanie Benson  – 31 Days of Rest

Patti Pierce – 31 Days of Scriptures of Faith

Thanks again for following along with the series. I’ll be back on Monday with my regular weekly post.  And of course, if you need a coach, cheerleader, project manager and virtual assistant all rolled into one to support you and your ministry, be sure to check out my Services and Pricing and Packages pages.  I have space for about three or four more FREE coaching packages that include an hour of consultation, a custom Strategy Plan and an hour of administrative support.  Connect with me on the Special Offers page if you are interested!

So what did you learn this month?  Did you have a key takeaway from our 31 Days of Eating Elephants series?  Were there other #Write31Days series that you enjoyed?  Share in the comments!

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