What I Learned at Global Leadership Summit 2019

I was so blessed to attend the Global Leadership Summit 2019 with the Proverbs 31 Ministries Team.  These are my top take-aways from each speaker.I was so blessed to attend the Global Leadership Summit 2019 with the Proverbs 31 Ministries Team.  These are my top take-aways from each speaker.


Craig Groeschel

Leadership is influence and everyone has influence.

GETMO – Good Enough to Move On – Find the greatest level of return based on time, money and resources invested. You could still possibly make it better, but the investment is not worth the return. Hit the sweet spot where it is Good Enough To Move On.

Perfection is often the enemy of progress.  The pursuit of excellence will motivate you.  But the pursuit of perfection will eventually drain you.

BTC – Bend the Curve – Find a way to achieve better quality for equal or less cost.

How Do Leaders Bend the Curve

Think inside the box – Outside the box, there are unlimited options. Constraints drive creativity. When you have options you have to make decisions.  Decisions drain your energy.  Let the constraints motivate you and drive you to creativity.

I believe you have everything you need to do everything you are called to do.  If you had everything you wanted you might miss what you really needed.

Burn the ships – Eliminate the options to turn back.  Step into your position and commit to whatever the vision/assignment/task is and sail out. No excuses, no retreat, no turning back.

Bozoma Saint John

Healthy culture doesn’t happen in the employee handbook.  It happens in your own office.

To address a toxic culture – Change the narrative by listening to the struggles and challenges.  If people don’t feel included or heard, they will not show up as their true self. Use your strong voice to empower the timid voices who have good ideas.

A leader cannot do it alone.  It is a group effort.  Help everyone understand it is their responsibility to change the culture.

To really attain true empathy and show up as our most brilliant self, we have to feel wholly comfortable. We inspire others to show up as their true selves when we show up as our true selves ourselves.

Ben Sherwood

The Best Ideas and the Most Ideas Win – There is a high correlation between the Quality and Quantity of ideas. Ideas come from curiosity …. a desire to know what comes next.

In a leadership crisis, wait for the violent and sudden motion to stop.  Things will settle.  That’s when the calmest, coolest decisions are made and the emergent leader finds the way out.

Liz Bohannon

Small dreams have a surprising power to launch us out of waiting and into creating.

Community is when we do the sacred dance of giving and receiving, needing and being needed.

Plucks Fly Together!

Jason Dorsey

#1 Trend that shapes generations is parenting. It influences everything we do.  Entitlement is primarily a learned behavior.

Provide specific examples of the performance that you expect – show what it looks like, because the language varies between generations and geographies.

Millennials and Gen Z don’t think linearly, but they are specific results driven.  Show the end first and work backwards.

Every single generation brings something important and every generation is capable of leading.

Danielle Strickland

To be a transformational leader, pay attention to the fruit growing out of your tree.  Resist the urge to discard or hide that fruit.  Pick the fruit that is bitter. Trace your behavior all the way to your roots (your deeply held beliefs) to find what was leading to the fruit.

We don’t need to just change things around.  We need to find the right things to change and embrace the process to change them.

DeVon Franklin

We struggle with our difference. Even though difference is difficult, your difference is your destiny.

Sometimes we don’t answer the calling on our life because we are too distracted.  Get really quiet to hear what your calling is trying to tell you.

When we view destiny as a destination, we’ll outsource what we should be doing today to walk in a destination that may never arrive.

No discipline, No destiny.  Our discipline betrays what we say we want.

Patrick Lencioni

Why be a leader?  If your why is wrong, the how’s don’t matter.  Most of them won’t make sense.

Reward-centered leaders don’t like to do things that are tedious, boring or don’t bring them glory.  And their people suffer because of it.

Chris Voss

The most dangerous negotiation is the one you don’t know you are in.  You are in 5 – 7 negotiations every day.

Hear the other side out.  Connect and turn the negotiation into a collaboration.

Empathy is confused with sympathy and compassion.  Empathy is completely understanding where someone is coming from and being able to articulate it, especially the ones you are uncomfortable with.

Negotiation is a tool and it can be used for manipulation, but that will hurt you down the road.  Or you can use it for collaboration and it will pay off down the road.

Being genuinely curious is the biggest hack to bypass all the fear.

Aja Brown

Vision is the vehicle that allows us to enter the fast track.

Define shared progress up front. Define it yourself or someone will do it for you.

Vision relies on timing to be fruitful and produce results.

A strong communication plan is an essential.  People can’t go with you if they don’t know where you are going.

Jia Jiang

What is rejection?  It’s a numbers game.  You go through enough no’s and it will become a yes.

Rejection is an opinion. Says more about the rejector than the rejectee. But we think it’s all about us.

Todd Henry

What Creatives Need from their Leader

  1. Stability – Clear and effective boundaries within which to do their wild imaginative work.
  2. Challenge – Permission + Faith – Speak courage into them, call out their possibilities.  My job as a leader is to unleash you to do the best work of your life.

Earn the right to be followed. Trust is the currency of creative teams, often in the little things.   Trust is like a water balloon. One puncture and you lose everything.

Brilliance is formed in the cauldron of creative conflict.

A bad leader’s influence dies with them.  A great leader’s influence lasts for generations.

Dr. Krish Kandiah

A leader of vision sees hope, potential and opportunity. Visionary leader takes people with them.

The opposite of prejudice is hospitality. Prejudice locks doors.  Hospitality opens doors.  Prejudice is about segregation.  Hospitality is about solidarity.  Prejudice is risk adverse. Hospitality values risky people.

I’m not a bang-the-table leader.  I’m a set-the-table leader. Set the table leaders make room for people to tell their story. They invite people to bring their best selves to work, whatever that is.

Jo Saxton

Who were you before anyone told you who you were supposed to be?  Is that perception still shaping how you see yourself and how you see your leadership?

Our world-changing ideas are buried under the rubble of what people have told us we are supposed to be.

You have one body and your leadership lives in it.

Bear Grylls

There is no shortcut to your goals that avoids failure. Failure is a doorway to your goal .. a doorway you’ve got to pass through to reach your dreams.

Life doesn’t always reward the brilliant and intelligent.  Life rewards the dogged and determined.

No one is brilliant or brave or extraordinary all the time. Fire is about delivering that little bit extra at the moment that it matters.

The weapons that have always served me best came from within, not from without.

Craig Groeschel

Impressing people is not the same a connecting with people.

The fastest way to change someone’s mind is to connect with their heart .. to move their heart with emotions.

When you use a story, you connect the heart of the emotions to the strength of the logic, igniting a powerful action.

We may impress people with our strengths, but we connect through our weaknesses.  People would rather follow a leader who is always real, rather than a leader who is always right.


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