How Do You Make Just 10 Minutes Matter?

Busy daWhat if I could snatch back the short bits of time so easily wasted and use them in purposeful ways for myself, my ministry and my family? What could I do with only 10 minutes if I was being intentional?ys, constantly rushing from one task to another errand.  There is not enough time in the day for all the things we need to do, whether for work, for ministry or for family.

But every once in a while (and if we are honest, more often than we care to admit), a random burst of time pops up unexpectedly in our day.  10 minutes until time to leave the house for an appointment, 10 minutes to wait in a carpool line, 10 minutes before the next meeting.

What do we do with those short minutes?  I don’t know about you, but I am becoming more and more aware that I waste them.  I grab my phone and check Facebook, or play a level of Candy Crush (am I the only one on the planet still playing Candy Crush?) or walk to the vending machine for a diet Coke.  I let those precious 10-minute moments slip through my fingers because I think 10 minutes isn’t long enough to accomplish any “real” work.

What if I could snatch back the short bits of time so easily wasted and use them in purposeful ways for myself, my ministry and my family?   What could I do with only 10 minutes if I was being intentional?

I took an informal poll of some friends and blog writers and we came up with some ideas.

What if I could snatch back the short bits of time so easily wasted and use them in purposeful ways for myself, my ministry and my family?

  1. Organize my desk so it is set and ready to go next time I sit down.
  2. Use a great app to accomplish something on my phone instead of playing a game (like Word Swag to create a graphic or Amazon to order my next Bible study book)
  3. Write down that list of blog titles that has been rattling around in my head.
  4. Draft an invitation for guest posting.
  5. Look at my schedule for the week and be sure I am prepared for everything.
  6. Delete apps off my phone I am no longer using.
  7. Fold a load of laundry, wipe off a counter, sweep or vacuum a floor, dust a room
  8. Call to set up an appointment I have been avoiding.
  9. Do a quick Facebook Live to engage with my readers.
  10. Pray and ask God what He wants me to do next.  Be open to a divine appointment.  You never know who will cross your path and needs a word of encouragement from the Lord.


Those are 10 great ideas to get you started. Now I want to hear your ideas!  Comment below or use the hashtag #10MinuteMoments on social media this week to share how you are making your 10-Minute Moments matter.

Because every moment matters.


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28 thoughts on “How Do You Make Just 10 Minutes Matter?”

  1. Great post- it’s true there is actually a lot you can accomplish in 10 minutes if you use it well. I especially liked the idea of using the time to pray and listen to God, or doing something to encourage someone.

    • Thanks, Carly! I find that those #10MinuteMoments usually come in the most hurried, stressful time of my day, when I really just want a break from it all. Putting my focus on someone else rather than myself helps me get my priorities in line. I’m so glad you stopped by!

  2. Love this! I used the idea when I was a young mom. We would “tidy in ten.” Set the timer, put on some music, and pick up toys or make the bed, or do laundry, etc. I wonder if my twelve year old would still be willing?! 😉 Thanks for the reminder to redeem the time. Visiting from Holley’s today.

    • Thanks for sharing your #10MinuteMoments, Tiffany! I bet your 12yo would still be willing. I still do that to my adult children! ha ha! Thanks for visiting!

  3. Love this. I do this around the house quite often. Clean out a drawer or shine my sink, etc… But such a great idea to think through for the blog as well. So glad you shared this with us at #RaRaLinkup this week!

  4. Read this while I had a few minutes to kill and #8 reminded me there was a phone call I needed to make 🙂 Thanks for the simple ideas to use our time well!

  5. I am definitely bookmarking this post, Christa! I often make a grocery list on my phone in those 10 minutes, but I LOVE the idea of writing down blog title ideas or working in a quick app. I am putting this into action today my friend!

  6. Wow, Christa! What an encouraging post! Your title certainly caught my eye on #RaRaLinkup. And it is so true that we often WASTE so much time in increments of 10 minutes here and there. Thanks for this wisdom!

    I’m a fellow Compel member. 🙂

  7. Christa, love your frank and practical post! (My name is Alice, and I’m a Cross Words procrastinator.) Ten minutes is plenty of time to check, file, and empty the trash in email. Thanks for the reminder that time is a gift!

  8. I am with you my friend. I’m constantly aware of my time management (or lack thereof!) I typically use the notes feature of my phone to jot down grocery items or I’ll bookmark something to return to later. I also use those moments to make those quick phone calls or clean/fold laundry, too. Thanks and happy to share!

  9. These are great suggestions, Christa! I was just talking with my kids about this the other day. We had a few minutes before we had to walk out the door. One had a pile of laundry to put away, another decided to tidy her bookshelf, and my other son took care of putting away a few things. I think this is great for us to learn, but also to help our kids understand that even in small chunks, we can still be a blessing in the home, or to someone else as the situation allows. Thanks for sharing these tips!

    • I love that twist … doing something to bless OTHERS. We often use time as an excuse to not reach out as much as we would like to, but you are so right … using those small chunks of time for a quick call or text to someone who needs an encouraging word is a great idea.

  10. The instant you mentioned reaching for your phone whenever you have free time, I thought, yes, that’s so me. That’s for reminding us that we should be mindful of that extra time we have throughout the day which can be used to be a lot more productive.

  11. Your prompt is very helpful to me. What can I do in ten minutes? When I have spare time, I always put much attention on my cell phone. I realized that I lack time management. I need to learn how to manage time from you.


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