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Numbers are not measures that define the worth of your ministry.  But they can be useful indicators of where efforts are paying off and where more attention is needed. As Christians, one place we can be tripped up is focusing too much on statistics — followers, page views, likes, comments.  When there are a lot of them, our pride can swell and we can begin basking in our own shine.  When there are not very many, we begin to wonder what is wrong with us and if we are really cut out for this.

So talking about these things is tricky business. Let me say this right off.  God does not measure our efforts by the number of followers it produces.  He’s looking at the heart behind your efforts and your obedience to what He’s called you to do. Behind every number is a person who longs to be noticed … a heart that needs to be changed.

Numbers are not measures that define the worth of your ministry.  But they can be useful indicators of where efforts are paying off and where more attention is needed. Especially if your goals include selling products or services, or publishing a book.

About 70% of the survey responders said they have 1000 page views per month or more on their website.  So if you are below 1000, don’t worry.  You are normal!

Most experts will advise that you need 5,000 -10,000 monthly page views to effectively monetize your blog.  That’s a general guideline and many people with less traffic have generated an income.  Only about 12% of the survey responders have 5,000 monthly page views or more.

Traffic is the steam that drives the rest of the blogging engine. More eyeballs on your well-constructed page will bring more subscribers, more clients, more comments, more sales.  More hearts that need transforming.

Pro Tip

If you are looking to monetize or build an email list, it starts with traffic.  If you aren’t consistently hitting that 5,000 pageview mark per month, then the majority of your blog growth effort should be spent on bringing traffic.  The resource that helped me the most was Traffic Transformation. 

As marketers providing solutions to the online Christian Creative community, resources that offer healthy, authentic traffic growth strategies are needed to help those that aren’t quite there yet.

Share some of your favorite tips and resources for growing your blog traffic in the comments!

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