Let’s Go To She Speaks: August is for Making Plans

Oh my.  Just. Oh my.  Was She Speaks amazing or what?  I can’t even put into words the worship, the learning, the growth, the friends, the LOVE in that place.  And if you are going to Declare or one of the many other Christian writing conferences this summer, you will experience the same thing.

Tame the #IdeaTornado from an amazing conference like She Speaks 2016 or Declare Conference with an action planNow we are home. If you are like me, you may be asking the scary question:

“Now what?”  

We have a notebook full of ideas, a stack of business cards from people we want to connect with and a renewed sense of vision and purpose, but with so many options, opportunities and ideas, it can be overwhelming.  How do I know what to do next and what to wait on?

How do I get it all done?

First, remember that you don’t have to get it all done tomorrow. It takes time to move mountains, so give yourself plenty of time to pray over and develop the ideas God has given you. Filter all the ideas through the purpose of your calling and let the ones that don’t support your calling stay right there in your notebook … yes, even the really good ones … even the ones that all the cool kids are doing.  Just because they are good and they are popular doesn’t mean they are for you or for now.

Then, make a plan.  It can be a simple plan … three small things you want to work on over the next few weeks.  Or it can be a complicated plan … several workfronts at once with multiple steps to each.  It just depends on your personal organizational style and where you are in ministry right now. But either way, a plan turns those hastily scribbled notes in your conference notebook into actions and solutions to rough spots in your ministry.

I want to share with you the Idea Tornado Toolkit. This is part of a module in my More Than A Blog Ministry Master Plan course and it has helped me and many others capture all the ideas floating around in our heads, filter and prioritize them and create a do-able action plan.  In fact, I used it recently with a friend who wants to write a Bible study and film videos to go along with it.  She needed a plan to get it done and this is what she said when we were finished:

This is exactly what I needed. My brain felt like spaghetti and you straightened it all out

So if you feel like you have spaghetti brain, maybe this will help you get it straightened out!

I hope this video, and the whole Let’s Go to She Speaks series, was helpful to you. I love helping Jesus girls clearly identify the calling God has put on their lives and break that down into a plan that works.  If that sounds like something you need … some Biblically-based instruction on being strategically focused on your ministry …. I invite you to join me for  the More Than A Blog Ministry Master Plan course.   Visit the More Than A Blog page for more information and to receive a FREE sample module.

It has been a privilege to walk through this season with you.  Your passion for ministry has inspired me and I am honored to know girls like you who are doing amazing things for God’s kingdom.  Let’s keep in touch!!!


Here are some things that I think will help my She Speaks sisters!

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PS … My friend Jill Hoven at Memoryminders.net has a great post about breaking down big things into small steps. Check that out for more tips to tame the Idea Tornado!

3 thoughts on “Let’s Go To She Speaks: August is for Making Plans”

  1. Christa – THIS. IS. AWESOME. Thank you for all of your help along the way with She Speaks. The idea tornado is going to make sorting and accomplishing my ideas and takeaways from SS so much easier! Your generosity is a blessing to us all!

    • So glad it is helpful, Julie!!! I love seeing it all laid out in one place and some kind of framework to make decisions

  2. Thank you, Christa! Such a helpful recap from this weekend. I’m trying to get an article out on this experience, there are so many take-always. Grateful to know other authors and speakers to learn from, thank you for sharing your wisdom 🙂


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