Prepared for a Detour? – Guest Post for Sarah Travis

I’m happy to be guest posting and sharing my story with my friend Sarah Travis.  I love that girl to pieces!  What a joy to walk beside her and watch her dreams AND her detours unfold! If you don’t know Sarah, head on over to her place with me and let her cute Scottish accent bless your heart. (Yes, you must read all of her posts with a Scottish accent in your head. It makes them sooooo much better!)

Prepared for a Detour?

Imagine heading down a path, so certain it is the right one. Then all of a sudden … DETOUR! Something happens that completely alters your direction. Changes the landscape around you. Adjusts your perspective. That’s what has been happening to me.

My path started in high school. I walked into my chemistry teacher’s office and said, “I like chemistry and I like math. What is a good way to combine them?” She said, “Chemical engineering.” From that moment on, I was going to be a chemical engineer. I had no idea what that meant or what a future would look like. I only knew when I told people I was going to be a chemical engineer, they said, “Ooooo … you must be smart.” And I liked that. So six years later, I was a chemical engineer.

Join me at Sarah’s blog to read the rest!

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